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Proof of Power

Dec 11, 2015 09:24AM ● By Dia

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So after sharing the phases of adaption, endurance and hypertrophy, we have reached our final stage in the training cycle: the power phase. This means increased weight and decreased rep counts, and this is really where all the work to this point comes together. If we have done everything correctly in our training, it’s time to start moving the weight now. This can be a slippery slope because stepping the weight up increases risk in all the movements. That's why the preparation is so important. If you jump in too fast and try to do too much weight too soon, chances are that there will be compensatory pattern develop and increased risk of injury. When we speak of compensation, it is something that the body is a master of doing. A great example of what it can do is a car that is out of alignment.

The car will still drive but most likely will not drive straight, and the wear on the tires, ball joints, idler arms and other components will not be even. So if we apply this to an exercise that is done with weight it can create imbalance in the muscular development and joint movement, which like the car, creates an uneven wear pattern on the body or structure.

In the last few months, I have shared the journey of two Carroll athletes, Logan Davis and Paxton Garman. These two athletes have been with Impact for nearly the same amount of time and have varying levels of improvement. Swimming tends to be a little more time restrictive so Logan has only visited us once a week since the start of the school year, whereas Paxton has attended a solid two sessions per week from the beginning. When we look at their numbers, we can see that we get more results with more activity. While Logan has made solid gains, his increase of 100 percent on his deadlift from 65 pounds to 135 pounds with a muscle gain of eight pounds is less than Paxton, who was able to make the jump from 65 pounds and increase to 165 pounds on his deadlift. The main reason for the two being different in both strength and weight gain is that Logan has to spend more time in the water which burning calories and only attended half as many training sessions as Paxton. 

In closing out this series on the training cycle, it is important to remember the steps involved. We give our bodies time to adapt to the exercise, then build endurance so we can increase control/stability in our movements. After that, we get to challenge and build our strength and finally get to work on our power. It is very important to take all the steps so we prevent the chance of injury. If you would like more information on how to address your fitness challenge or any question about fitness, please contact ImpactPerformance & Fitness.

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