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Southlake Style

Raise the (Salad) Bar

Jan 02, 2016 04:06PM ● By Dia

Who’s up for a salad? It’s a question you’ll likely pose or answer often over the next few weeks. It seems nearly everyone hops aboard the healthy-eating train this time of year. But eating right doesn’t have to lose steam as the weeks roll on – especially when there’s a brand-new salad shop in town.

Salata, a Houston-based salad and salad wrap restaurant, opened its doors in Southlake last month, bringing nutritious fare and big-time options to salad seekers.

Customization is what sets Salata apart. It doesn’t offer a few cookie-cutter selections on a menu; it boasts a bounty of more than 50 fresh, pure ingredients on its salad bar. Guests can choose from an array of lettuces, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, seeds, nuts, chicken, seafood and vegan proteins.

It’s salad according to your exact cravings and specifications. And we’re not just talking about the usual ingredients such as cucumbers and carrots, but deliciously uncommon toppings such as alfalfa sprouts, jicama and pumpkin seeds. You can garnish however you like; salads are priced at a flat $8 and $7 for a small.

Make it a meal by adding a protein such as grilled chicken, quinoa or salmon for a small upcharge. Then take your pick of one of Salata’s 10 house-made dressings. Each one is made in small batches from hand-picked herbs, fresh-cut veggies and high-quality oils and vinegars. Fresh Herb Vinaigrette, with its subtly sweet balance of herbs and spices, is the most popular option.

Salads aren’t the only thing Salata does well; the restaurant also serves freshly made soups, breads and desserts. We love pairing a salad with a warm, soothing bowl of one its house-made soups: broccoli (our favorite), tomato basil or tortilla.

The restaurant even has a line of signature teas and lemonades crafted exclusively for Salata. If you usually opt for water, we suggest upgrading – if not for the refreshment, then for the experience.

Beverages aren’t dispensed in typical fashion here. Instead, they’re delivered through an exclusive-to-Salata “Tea Tap” system that’s similar to a beer tap.

“The healthy, refreshing drinks are stored in custom-designed containers to ensure freshness and are fed straight to the customer’s glass,” explains Mark Robbins, franchisee of the Southlake location.

You can even satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard at Salata; it serves bite-sized brownies and cookies that are baked fresh daily.

Whether you’re resolving to eat better this year, or you just love a great salad, check out Salata. It’s taking the salad scene to a whole new level.


1241 E. State Highway 114 817.442.1500