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Don’t Just Spin at the Gym

Jan 02, 2016 04:49PM ● By Dia
Indoor cycling is definitely not for the weak of heart or spirit. Instructors motivate you with positive reinforcement – or maybe a little bantering – and the fast-paced at- mosphere really gets the endorphins flowing. With spin class boutiques popping up around the country, it’s safe to say: spin is in. John Foley, co-founder and CEO of Peloton, devel- oped a cycle and fitness class wrapped up in one 2’ by 4’ package: the Peloton, a high-tech station- ary bike.

But according to Foley, it’s not just the cycle that makes his concept unique; it’s what you get with the $39/month subscription: access to live and on-demand spin classes. It’s a customizable concept created to fit your schedule.

The cycle’s 21.5” full HD 1080p touchscreen connects you via Wi-Fi to the Peloton content and user network. Linking you to live spin classes (more than 10 offered daily) and an on-demand library of more than 1,500 classes, the Peloton is more than just an at-home spin cycle. The in-class experience allows you to see your live performance metrics so you can track your cadence, resistance, heart rate and calories burned. Not only do you have the pleasure of patting yourself on the back for a job well done, but the instructors on the other side of the screen can see your numbers, as well. And with the 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, they can also see every last bead of sweat on your face. Consider it inspiration to keep pushing hard.

Touchscreen aside, the Peloton cycle is built to be sturdy, compact and customizable. With a carbon steel-constructed frame, this bike can with- stand any spin class you can withstand. The Peloton seat has a depressed ergonomic center and is ad- justable in two dimensions. The LOOK Delta com- patible pedals clip in to a variety of cycling shoes. And the adjustable, padded handlebars are able to give support in all positions of your ride. The inner workings of the machine include a near-silent belt drive that is low maintenance—no need to stock up on chain oil—and a smooth magnetic resistance system that allows for a natural incline.

There’s also a bit of social networking that comes with the Peloton system. You can compete with other users and unlock achievements in your workout efforts. Not to mention there’s a global leaderboard that sparks spin class stat envy. If you want to be at the center of the spin fitness move- ment, hop on and hold on. 


Price: $1,195

Bike dimensions: 46.9” x 23” x 46.9”

Bike weight: 125 lbs. Flywheel weight: 38 lbs.

Operating system: Android 4.1

Memory: 1 GB and 16 GB internal flash storage