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Craving a Slice? Taverna Rossa Slated to Open in April.

Jan 13, 2016 08:02AM ● By Audrey Sellers

Quick: What's your all-time favorite food? Is pizza pretty high up there? It is for us—and a lot of people. On average, Americans eat 100 acres of pizza daily (that’s about 350 slices per second), according to, a resource for connecting entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities. It’s no surprise that pizza is a $40 billion industry, making up approximately 17 percent of all restaurants in the nation. People love pizza.

And come early April, Southlake will have a new pizza place to love: Taverna Rossa Craft Pizza & Beer. The pizzeria/pub/Italian restaurant, which was named by Zagat as one of the hottest pizzerias around the U.S., is currently under construction in Park Village. It’s the second location for the establishment from {33} Restaurant Group; the first opened in Plano in 2013.

“Specializing in unique, rustic thin-crust pies baked in a stone-fired oven,” according to a press release, “Taverna Rossa settles for nothing less than handmade goodness and hometown flavors with a strong commitment to sourcing local and natural ingredients whenever possible.”

We’re excited about the thin-crust pizzas, local craft beers and cocktails coming our way. Our eyes keep gravitating toward the Arvina Bianca with Texas olive oil, caramelized onions, local bacon and house-blend mozzarella. We also like that Taverna Rossa is family-owned and operated. It undoubtedly adds to the restaurant’s charm.

If you can’t wait to experience the hometown flavors and handmade deliciousness, you don’t have to wait long—the restaurant is slated to open in early April. Watch our upcoming issues and for our Local Flavor review. 

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