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Southlake Style

True-Blue Fun

Feb 01, 2016 08:38AM ● By Dia
Craving a little Vegas-style entertainment? You can find it right here in the Metroplex when the outrageous and engaging Blue Man Group takes over the stage at Bass Hall. The oddly colored trio has been wowing fans around the globe with their hugely popular theatrical shows and concerts since 1991. Three close friends, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton, started the group as a way to follow their own path and live lives of meaning. The trio has certainly forged its own road in life—and amassed a cult-like following in the process. Over the past 25 years, more than 35 million people have enjoyed the multi-sensory experience that only Blue Man Group can deliver.

If you’ve never seen a show, get ready for a thrilling mix of comedy, theater, music and dance that’s been hailed by critics as “what every live performance aspires to be” and “one of the most delightful performance pieces ever staged.” In other words, you can expect it to be exciting, loud and funny all wrapped up into one big, blue production.

Though you won’t hear any spoken language in the perfor- mance, the message is communicated loud and clear: Keep your eyes on the blue guys and have some fun! It’s a show that’s perfect for people of all ages, languages and cultures. If you’ve seen it before, it’s worth checking out again. The production is continually updated with new music, stories, instruments and technology. Do you dare to live in color? Don’t miss the pop-culture phenomenon that’ll have you, literally, seeing blue. 

February 19-21