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Get Hot in a Box

Feb 01, 2016 08:39AM ● By Dia

Who knew sweating could be so healthy? And we aren’t just talking about perspiration-inducing cardio routines. Just sweating— without even lifting a barbell or foot—offers a multitude of health benefits. If they aren’t yet, personal saunas should be on your radar. JNH Lifestyles has created a line of saunas that make a great addition to any outside leisure area next to the pool and spa—or anywhere indoors you deem fit.

The Freedom 3 Person Infrared Sauna is not your typical heat-up-some-rocks-and-sit-around- in-steam sauna. Rather than steam and heat from a traditional heat-sourced sauna, the infrared rays penetrate the skin to cause you to sweat. It is as simple as walking outside on a warm day in the sun and breaking a sweat, not from extreme effort, but solely from the sun’s infrared rays.

Made from Canadian Western Red Cedar wood, the Freedom 3 Person Infrared Sauna arrives at your door ready to assemble. Using tongue and groove snap-together pieces, it is easy to assemble in one room and disassemble to move to another. Dual-wall insulation means no heat expansion of the unit, so it will always fit in any tight space. 

Featuring eight carbon-fiber far-infrared heaters located in the back, side and calf areas, the sauna is equipped with a digital control panel that regulates temperature and the duration of how long you plan to sweat. If your relaxation session involves listening to your favorite tunes on your iPod or other device, the sauna has a sound system that includes two speakers and an amplifier.

If it’s on your list to stay well this winter, getting hot in a box allows you to sweat away toxins and improve your health. For those who live a mainly sedentary life, void of regular cardio activities, it goes to reason: these individuals don’t sweat much. However, studies show that sweat- ing, particularly deep sweating, can be beneficial in a number of ways. During the winter months, viruses and bacteria run rampant—jumping from a handshake or a hug right into the body. Fighting these nasty bugs can be as simple as sitting in a sauna regularly to sweat out the bacteria and other toxins that can make you sick. And that’s about as much as you need to know scientifically to recog- nize how a personal, infrared sauna aids in win- ter wellness. Grab two of your closest friends and enjoy a sweat session in your own personal sauna. 


Price: $2,500

Dimensions: 59.1”(w) x 39.4”(d) x 75”(h) 

NEMA 5-20P Socket required

5-Year Warranty