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Expert tips for throwing a kids cooking party at home

Feb 24, 2016 08:26AM ● By Dia
1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Make a list and get ingredients, party supplies, and kitchen tools well in advance. This will allow you (and the kids) to have a stress-free party.

2. Make a day-of party time line. Cooking with kids is a lot of fun but it also takes careful thought about how you want the party to go. What do you want to cook during the party and will this fit into the time allowed? What can you prepare ahead of time that will make the party run more smoothly?

3. On the big day, get everything out and set-up early so there is no last minute stress. Be sure your cooking space is clear of clutter and ready to go for your big event!

4. Get creative. Having fun with food is an ideal way to incorporate new and healthy ingredients into your child's diet. If you are making pizza, think of unique and exciting toppings for the kids to try. Encourage the kids to make triangle and other shaped pizzas. Everyone loves an edible science project.

5. The "No, thank you bite". Every so often, we have a few really picky eaters at our parties. We always try to get a "no thank you bite" out of those who say they don't like something before they've tried it. Half of the time, they end up really liking it and have many more bites. And if they don't, that's ok too. It's all part of it!

6. Have fun! When the kids finally arrive, don't worry if everything isn't perfect. The kids will love it and have a total blast. Your energy will be contagious and after all, making food fun and exciting is the best present that you can give them.

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