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Southlake Style

Cheers to 10 YEARS

Mar 02, 2016 10:26AM ● By Dia

When a fresh issue of Southlake Style arrives in your mailbox, we hope you peruse the pages with enthusiasm. We certainly create it with the community in mind. It’s indeed a labor of love every month—especially for Mike and Nicole Tesoriero. This married couple first published the magazine in March 2006, with a vision to create a lifestyle publication that celebrated Southlake and the people in it. Ten years and more than 100 issues later, the Tesorieros continue to enlighten, entertain and inspire the community, one page at a time.

Q: Southlake Style is celebrating its 10th year. In a word, how would you describe the journey? 

A: (Nicole) Amazing!

Q: Mike: You worked in pharmaceuticals. Nicole: You built a successful career in sales and marketing. What inspired you to start a lifestyle magazine?

A: (Mike) As new residents to Southlake, we were looking for ways to become better acquainted with the area. Lots of publications came to the house, but none were able to connect us to the community in the ways we wanted.

Q: Tell us about the early days. What was it like creating the magazine from scratch each issue?
(Nicole) It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. It provided us a great way to get to know so many amazing people within our community. It also helped us establish local friends who are what we now consider our Texas family.

(Mike) Learning a new industry on the fly was both challenging and invigorating. We were also juggling the newfound joys of parenthood. We were fortunate to have some early supporters and colleagues who each brought something special to the magazine.

Q: What has it been like to watch the business grow over the years?
(Nicole) It’s a lot like watching your own children. You don’t realize how much they’ve grown until you look back and say “wow!”

(Mike) I keep an issue of every magazine in date order in my office. It helps me remember past ideas and what worked well or didn’t work at all. I find myself looking at them more and more often. I’m proud

of where we are, humbled by our beginnings and thankful for all the friends and organizations we’ve connected with over the years.

Q: What’s something about the magazine that might surprise people?
(Nicole) It started with just the two of us in our home office (and living room floor).

(Mike) Southlake Style accomplishes a lot with a very small and dedicated team. 

Q: Is there a story or cover that stands out to
you as particularly meaningful?
(Nicole) I’ve always loved our “Phantom of the Opera” cover. It was fun and unique with a theatre- curtain cover that opened to unveil CISD’s cast/crew. My close second would be our Peter Max cover.

It’s amazing to have an internationally known artist offer to give you his rendering of the city’s fountain. (Mike) Absolutely, but as time goes by, each cover becomes that much more special as it chronicles the changes in our vibrant city. We’ve covered the grand opening of the Grand Avenue district of Town Square, The Hilton, Central Market and so many other places and people who make the city what it is today.

Q: Tell us about a funny moment in Southlake Style’s history.
(Mike) I shot the cover of our first issue with a Cannon Elph camera that was half the size and capabilities of my current cell phone.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your roles?
(Nicole) I love meeting new people and creating long-lasting relationships. As our Advertising Director, I get to meet with new business owners and marketing directors on a daily basis.

(Mike) I love the opportunity to spotlight great achievements and connect people to each other and to what’s great about living in north Texas.

Q: We all want to know: What’s it really like working with your spouse?
(Mike) We never have to ask each other, “Honey, how was your day?”

(Nicole) We have different approaches to almost everything, and we balance each other out. We make a great team.

Q: Southlake Style is a member of the City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA). Why is this an important distinction?

A: (Mike) It’s proof that we are an accepted and upstanding member of the magazine and publishing industries.

Q: What would you like to say to readers? And to advertisers?
(Mike) We give each of them our very best each month. We know that treating our readers with respect for their time is the best way to serve our advertisers and supporters.

(Nicole) Thank you for your loyalty and belief in Southlake Style! Without our advertisers, we wouldn’t be able to provide the product that so many in our community have come to love, and without our readers, our advertisers wouldn’t see results.