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His and Hers

Mar 07, 2016 09:26AM ● By Dia

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I have been in the fitness business for 21 years, and I have been training clients for 18 of those years. Inevitably, I have heard many women complain about their husbands. Not about his habits, cleanliness, work or travel schedule, golf or hunting outings. Rather, I have heard complaints about how quickly their husbands can get results from working out. I’ve heard comments such as “he can look at a weight and lose 10 pounds” or “he cuts out beer and loses a pants size.” Meanwhile the story for the ladies remains semi-consistent: lots of cardio results in little change in their bodies.

So with a plethora of witnesses and experience, I have decided to share the secret that men have been hiding since the dark ages.

 It is the weights.

Seriously, it is that simple. If you go to any gym, weight room, fitness center or recreation center, the people with the best physiques are pumping iron. They are lifting weights, usually in multiple sets, trying to break down the muscle in a particular body part so that the body will increase calorie expenditure repairing that muscle and healing the body. Science tells us that more muscle burns more calories, just simply because the muscle is present.

This isn’t the first time I’ve revealed this info. I have been presenting this theory for years, and these are the top replies I hear from ladies: “I don't want to get too bulky” or “I bulk up too easy.”

I promise that you will not get too bulky on accident and you do not bulk too easy. Women who do get bulky or muscular put forth a great deal of effort to do so; it just simply does not happen by accident. There are meals planned, supplements scheduled, and I will guarantee that they are hitting the gym every single day.

That being said I still stick to my theory that weights are the secret to changing any physique. Find a solid training resource with proper certification and hit the weights a couple days a week. In 30 days, you will be stronger with a better metabolism to boot.



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