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A Kitchen Command Center

Apr 05, 2016 03:55PM ● By Dia

Picking the kids up from school in the afternoon can be a challenge. You have to navigate the carpool line, load kids, soccer cleats and French horns, and still maintain your sanity on the drive home. Then the questions begin: What’s there to eat? What time is my band concert tonight? You head across the room to check the fridge for after-school consumables. The calendar displayed on the 21.5-inch full HD LCD touchscreen of the refrigerator tells you what is planned for snack and dinner, and allows you to check the calendar for the concert start time. It may not have been your idea to create the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, but you could have told someone a long time ago that a smart appliance like this would do wonders for home management and connectivity.

Giving the whole family access to information in one central location is an item you can check off your “things I need in my life” list. The Hub is controlled through a smartphone app, which allows you to post and update calendars, and select photos to share all on one screen located on the upper right of the exterior door. And what parent doesn’t want to showcase their child’s artwork on the fridge? With the app and the Hub, you can use photos of the artwork and even rotate each child’s masterpiece weekly or daily.

But let’s not forget the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a kitchen appliance as well. The four-door fridge is equipped with Samsung-exclusive FlexZone technology that transforms from fridge to freezer, and the Triple and Metal cooling system keeps food fresh. Need another way to monitor the freshness of your food? Use the app to track expiration dates and keep your grocery list up to date. And did we mention the Hub Refrigerator spies on the contents of your fridge? Three cameras inside capture an image every time the door closes. These images are accessible from your smartphone, allowing you to see how many yogurt tubes and pizza rolls have been consumed—or rather, what you need to restock.

This smart kitchen appliance from Samsung has a few other cool features available when connected to other Samsung devices. Connect to Bluetooth wireless speakers, or use screen mirroring with your Samsung smart TV. Regardless of what features have you hooked, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator meets all those after-school kitchen needs, and the time spent in the kitchen in between.


Price: Estimated at $5,000 (available this spring)

Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled

Size: Counter and full depth available

Finish: Stainless and Black Stainless Steel