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Southlake Style

Gadgets and Gizmos

Apr 05, 2016 04:21PM ● By Dia

1/ Bluetooth Smart Padlock

Master Lock allows you to unlock your smart padlock using Bluetooth technology and an app on your phone. You can share access with guests and be notified if anyone without permission tampers with it. Indoor and outdoor versions available.,  $50-60  

2/ Onagofly Drone

This lightweight, palm-sized drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera for photos and videos, obstacle avoidance and GPS—use your phone to track its location. Cool factor: it only snaps a picture when smiles are detected. Available for pre-order at, $200

3/ Fitbit blaze

The Blaze does almost everything the typical smart watch does, but with fitness flair. Track the essentials such as steps and heartrate, but enjoy call, text and calendar alerts, GPS and the all-important music control feature. Available for pre-order at, $200

4/ Parrot Zik 3 Wireless Headphones

With a free compatible app, you can adjust the acoustics of the headphones to match any environment, from a silent room to a concert hall. Other features include smart-touch control and automatic noise cancelling., $400

5/ Garmin Varia Vision

Use in tandem with a Garmin Edge cycling device, and the featherweight Varia Vision projects your stats onto your sunglasses—right in your line of sight. Vibration alerts signal performance and incoming calls/texts. Also equipped with a touch panel., $400