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Q&A: Glenn Reflects on National Recognition, Stellar Season and more

May 19, 2016 08:22AM ● By Kevin

Matt Glenn, head coach of the 2015-16 state champion Dragon golf team, earned national recognition earlier this year for the Class 6A title achievement, according to MySouthlakeNews. Glenn was named state boys’ golf coach of the Year by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

The championship marked the first boys' title since 2004. The team also featured single medalists Colin Kober and Mason Greenberg.

We caught up with the 13th-year head coach to chat about the accomplishment and the team that helped him get there in a Q&A. 

Southlake Style: Congratulations on the national recognition. Tell us more about how this all came about and what type of honor this is for you.

Matt Glenn: It’s a huge honor. They sent out an email to me and said ‘Hey, you’v been selected with a few other coaches, and basically we’re going to put you in a local Texas slot and then from there, we’ll weed you guys out here and there until we get down to the national level.’ You fill out a little survey and then I guess they went to the UIL and talked to those guys about some of the coaches. So, that’s how it was selected. 

SS: You coached a special group of golfers last year. Could you pay some homage to that team and what made them state-championship caliber?

Glenn: It was a fantastic group. I watched them come into the program as freshmen. It was a big group. Freshmen level, they’re still little boys. I watched them grow into young men in the four years. What was unique about them is there really wasn’t any jealousy among that group. 

Really fierce competitors, which is rare to be that strong-willed and willing to pay the price to win and do whatever it took and then still be not jealous of each other. 

It was a fun and unique group that was definitely a family. I’m just glad I got to share a part of that. Not many coaches get that special of a group, not just talent-wise on the golf end of it. Character and integrity – just a great group of men.

SS: Talk a bit more about the state championship run. How was the season shaping up by mid-year. Once you got to the post season, when did you realize your team had a shot to win it all? What types of things did you tell the kids to keep their eyes on the ultimate prize?

Glenn: It’s not like we don’t want to win the championship every year that you’re coaching. That’s something we’re trying to do every year. That same group finished second and fourth in the state the year before and we got everyone back. We knew as long as we took care of business at the district and state level we’d have a legit shot. That year we focused on the process more than the outcome. Every time we played, we put our heart and soul on the golf course. As long as you’re shooting for the goal in process, the outcome is going to be what you want it to be. 

SS: You obviously lose a few key golfers this year. Talk about the next generation of Carroll golfers and what they bring to the table for this year's squad.

Glenn: I think in the last two years, we’ve put out about 12 or 13 Division I’s. That’s some good golfers to come through the program. The next generation has got some big shoes to fill. 

The program is set out to where you can be successful and get better. The one cool thing about it is the kids we’re counting on in the future got to be a little bit of a part of the last two years. Being around great players like that elevates your game for sure. We’ve got a good young group coming. They’re enthusiastic and have been waiting their turn for a while to see what they can do.

SS: Is there anyone in particular you'd like to thank in honor of this award?

Glenn: To be honest with you, I can go into coaches that’s given me my philosophy over the years and that kind of stuff, but honestly, probably the biggest thing about that is Dragon Nation. This place is unbelievable. Great kids. 

That team will always have a place in my heart and that squad was incredible. Like I said earlier, it’s just a blessing to have been around that good of kids that work that hard and they deserve all the thanks for sure.