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Southlake Style

A Fusion of Flavors

Jun 02, 2016 11:40AM ● By Dia

Eclectic is one way to describe DeVivo Bros. Latin Fusion. The restaurant, a spinoff of Keller’s highly popular DeVivo Bros. Eatery, has a little bit of everything on its menu: tacos, pasta and something called a Frijoles and Chorizo Pizza. Enticed? Many people are, which is why the restaurant is quickly becoming one of the city’s must-visit eateries. 

When brothers John and Ralph DeVivo opened the restaurant, they set out to combine Italian and Latin (essentially Mexican and Cuban) cuisines in a way that hadn’t been done before. The menu, which includes options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, is exciting and diverse. You’ll find classics from each culture (Fettuccini Alfredo and Barbacoa Tacos, for example) as well as modern adaptations such as Guajillo Chicken (chicken breast roasted in an 800-degree pizza oven, topped with house-made guajillo sauce and served with spaghetti). 

The menu also includes all-American dishes such as pancakes and eggs and an Angus beef cheeseburger. But when you’re at a Latin fusion place, we suggest skipping the familiar standbys and embracing the fusion full-on. We dropped by for a weekday lunch and felt compelled to sample an undeniably fusion-y dish: the Italian Nachos. What arrived at our table was a curious compilation of crispy chips, mozzarella cheese, seasoned white beans, black olives, green onions, spicy Italian sausage and jalapeño. We enjoyed the merging of flavors and textures not typically experienced together. Italian sausage on a chip? It’s mighty good.

 The lunch specials are smartly portioned and priced. We ordered two street tacos with a chicken tortilla soup for $8. Served piping hot, the soup was artfully adorned with a nest of thin, crispy tortilla strips and a hearty avocado slice. Two ultra-soft corn tortillas, piled high with chicken, were served with all the necessary taco accompaniments: lime wedges, jalapeños, chopped and grilled onions, cilantro and two salsas in varying degrees of spiciness.

 While the restaurant’s location has certainly been a revolving door of taco shops, pizzerias and fondue places over the years, DeVivo Bros. Latin Fusion feels right at home. The restaurant is welcoming and comfortable from the moment you pull open the iron doors. And you just might see the restaurant’s namesakes when you’re enjoying your meal; when they’re not in the kitchen, John and Ralph love chatting with guests.

If you’re wondering what Latin fusion is all about, go get a taste for yourself. The DeVivo brothers are using their culinary prowess to put creative twists on familiar favorites. The result is something truly original … and a welcome addition to Southlake. 

DeVivo Bros. Latin Fusion

2777 E. Southlake Blvd., #100