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Veg Out

Jun 07, 2016 11:43AM ● By Dia

Want to get your fruits and vegetables in, but don’t want to sit down for a salad? We get it. We don’t like venturing away from the pool, either. There’s a solution for all you busy, summer-loving people: a healthy, ice-cold beverage from The Juice Bar. The new store nestled inside Park Village is a one-stop-shop for a healthy bite or sip this summer.

While there are certainly other purveyors of nutritious beverages in the area, The Juice Bar is a little different; you can order a juice three ways. There’s Creative Juice (raw produce is sent through a centrifugal juicer while you wait), bottled cold-pressed juice (fruits and veggies are ground and then pressed with one to two tons of pressure) and Fruice, an icy version of a pressed juice. (This one sounds like a treat when the temperature hits triple digits.)

Behind the scenes at The Juice Bar is Heidi Lane, a former chef. “I don’t make a recipe official until it’s perfect,” says Lane. “My partner, Tom Hennings, and I both come from the food world, so we know how to make sure that everything you order is consistent and served quickly.”

Despite the dozens of colorful options, the process is simple. You grab a bottled juice, or watch as all the fresh produce is juiced or blended in front of you. With fun names like Day Tripper (almond milk, raw cacao, dates and banana), Pink Cadillac (grapefruit and mint) and We Got the Beet (carrot, apple, celery, beet and parsley), who wouldn’t want to drink up? We opted for Skinny Greens, an emerald concoction of cucumber, green apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger. A dash of cayenne added some nice spiciness.

For a buck or two extra, you can also add a shot or boost to your beverage. Consider it a healthy way to fine-tune your drink, whether you’re looking to suppress your appetite or jolt your energy. If you want to cleanse, The Juice Bar offers three different options depending on how many juices you want (and how much you’re willing to spend). When you want to sink a spoon into something, try one of The Juice Bar’s bowls: acai, pitaya or yogurt. Three new bowls are debuting this summer, along with a new line of coffee drinks.

While $8 for a juice (and $10 for a bowl) may feel like a splurge, keep in mind all the goodness you get in return. You’re simultaneously supercharging your health without missing a moment this summer. We’ll drink to that! 

The Juice Bar

1161 E. Southlake Blvd.