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Summer Relaxation

Jun 07, 2016 01:33PM ● By Dia

We’ve all seen the commercials featuring couples and families snuggling in a backyard hammock. Looks cozy, right? You might think that, right up until your head hits the cushion on a Madera Teak Daybed from Pottery Barn. It’s a bed. It’s made for the outdoors. It’s an outdoor bed that gives hammocks a run for their money. Why settle for a cloth or rope cocoon when you can peacefully read a book, sip on a sweet iced tea or take a snooze without swaying back and forth? Adding the Madera Teak Daybed to your outdoor living space will upgrade your backyard oasis to luxury living.

Crafted from premium Grade A teakwood with a natural sanded finish, the frame of the daybed is a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture made to withstand the elements. The quick-drying bed cushions feature removable, machine-washable covers, and the polyester canvas canopy and curtains are designed to repel water. So, while you probably won’t be utilizing your daybed during the occasional summer shower, it’s nice to know a little rain won’t damage the bed. There is also a small table, made from the same material as the frame, between the two cushions. Should you want to accessorize your daybed, just toss on some outdoor pillow from Pottery Barn—at an additional cost.

If your outdoor plans include reclining in the shade, catching up on some summer fiction, you’ll appreciate the upright positions of the cushion. However, if your eyes start getting heavy, lower the cushion enough to lie back and just enjoy the breeze. The cushions are adjustable up to four positions, including fully flat.

Spending time with your main squeeze outdoors usually means sipping chardonnay or enjoying a refreshing club soda by the pool. Or, as mentioned previously, snuggling—and possibly sweating—in a hammock. Why give yourself only two options when a third is readily available? Cozy up to your significant other, side by side, to simply enjoy each other’s company in the shade of a canopy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The daybed also serves as the perfect setting for a low-key date night. Enjoy dinner in “bed,” and pull the curtains closed a bit to keep pesky mosquitos, June bugs or your children away (temporarily of course).

Your backyard living experience is what you make of it, and there are plenty of outdoor kitchen and living room set-ups available. So, why not incorporate the bedroom into your backyard oasis? The Madera Teak Daybed is both weather-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and just might make your backyard the new favorite “room” of the house.

Price: $4,500

76.75” x 88.75” x 92”

Weight: 230 lbs.