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Carroll Student Aims to Give Shelter Dogs a Cozier Place to Rest

Jun 20, 2016 08:21AM ● By Audrey Sellers
Macy Miller, an incoming senior at Carroll Senior High, has grown up around all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and others. She’s always had a heart for animals—especially those in shelters. As a way to give back and help shelter animals, she created the organization Sasha’s Pals in 2012. Her mission? Give dogs a more comfortable stay during their time in the shelter. She hopes to raise $2,000 to benefit The Humane Society of North Texas and the Dallas Animal Shelter. Southlake Style caught up with Miller to learn more about Sasha’s Pals.

Southlake Style: Tell us a little about the mission of Sasha’s Pals. 

Miller: Our mission is to give back to local shelters to help the dogs be comfortable for the time that they are in the shelter. Currently, our project is raising money for dog beds. 

SS: Why is the cause close to your heart? 

Miller: I love animals and specifically, shelter animals. My family has adopted many through the years. It’s heartbreaking when you go to shelters and see the sad faces and some of the conditions the dogs have to endure while they are there. The shelters do all they can but support is limited and animals are numerous. It’s such a traumatic experience for animals—whether they were lost and ended up in the shelter, surrendered, dumped, etc. The look on their faces breaks my heart. I would love to adopt them all, so the one thing I can do is make their stay at the shelter a little more comfortable.

SS: How did you get involved with the Humane Society of North Texas and Dallas Animal Shelter?

Miller: We have worked with both organizations and have also adopted animals from them as well.

SS: What’s it like seeing shelter dogs get new beds? 

Miller: The dogs are so excited! Many of them just have the concrete floor.  They jump right in the beds with wagging tails.  They dogs love the cot beds because they are cool and the shelter loves them because they are easy to maintain.

SS: Where do you get the beds? 

Miller: We order the beds from a cot bed manufacturer. We have worked out special pricing with a bulk order in order to get the best price. 

SS: What do you find most rewarding about working with shelter dogs? 

Miller: Shelter dogs need a voice—the more people that can help, the better. If I can raise awareness and funds, that is such a positive force. My goal is to make a difference and I hope that Sasha’s pals does just that.

SS: Do you have plans this summer to continue your work with local shelters? 

Miller: Yes, I will continue to fundraise for different needs of the shelters and I’m also planning on taking photographs of the animals for the shelters. A picture is worth a thousand words. Many of the shelters are short staffed and they snap a quick pic of the animal that sometimes isn’t the most flattering. When many people are looking for a shelter dog, they will look at the shelter’s website or on a search site like Petfinder. They may completely overlook a dog/cat based on a bad photograph. My goal is to help with the animal’s “marketability” by taking pictures that reflect their own unique personality. I’m excited about this project as well and feel that it will help animals get adopted quicker. 

SS: You’ve achieved almost half of your $2,000 goal. Anything you’d like to say to the community? 

Miller: Our community is awesome! I have grown up in Southlake so I know firsthand how great of a community we have. We help each other, and community service is an integral part of so many people’s lives. I set a $1,000 goal in the beginning based on the minimum bed order for the special pricing, but the more money we can raise the better. With $2,000, we could obtain 125 beds! 

Want to take part in the cause? Click here to make a donation to Sasha’s Pals.