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Southlake Style

A Summer-Ready Beach Tote

Jul 05, 2016 11:31AM ● By Ashley Pape

Taking a beach vacation with a group of girlfriends or your family this summer? While surf, sand and sun destinations are meant for relaxation, kicking back doesn’t mean you should slack in the accessories department as you prepare for your trip. However, we aren’t talking about beach bling that might get lost while searching for seashells. Jewelry can do wonders to complete your travel-in-style look, but there is no need to dress up your wardrobe with anything more than a practical yet stylish beach tote.


Michael Kors’ Santorini Large Raffia Tote is the right style and the right size to keep your sunglasses, sunscreen and supplemental reading material in one place for fashionable beach lounging. But it’s more than just a place to store your stuff. You’ll be happy to carry the Santorini to and from your beach umbrella.


Let’s talk about what makes this tote stylish. Raffia is an aesthetic beachy material, but its durability can only make it stand out from the beach-tote crowd for so long. One of the best qualities of the Santorini’s material is that it is right on trend for 2016. During New York’s Fashion Week last fall, raffia clothing, accessories and, of course, handbags and totes were seen on runway after runway.


Raffia is a classic fiber that has returned to the beach scene in style—a step above basic vinyl-lined raffia totes with canvas handles. The 2016 styles include plenty of modern details such as leather and metal accents. The Santorini tote is available with either persimmon- or luggage-hued handles, which have a 10-inch drop. The bright colors of the leather handles really make the bag stand out as more than just a beach accessory. They truly give the tote an elegant edge, elevating it from a casual tote to a practical handbag.


After all, who wants to lug around two means of storage? The roomy tote is just the right size to pack a towel, sunscreen (important enough to mention twice) and most of the additional items you usually carry around in your handbag. Taking a summer vacation can be planned or spontaneous and, if it is the latter, you’ll want to be ready in a hurry. Grab your Michael Kors Santorini Large Raffia Tote and hop on that plane with confidence. No matter your destination or type of locale you end up visiting, the tote will have a place on your arm. From local shop browsing and dining out for brunch or lunch, to just making your way to the pool or beach, the Santorini is both practical and fashionable.   


Price: $495

Tote dimensions: 19” x 15” x 6.5”

Materials: 100 percent raffia, leather, gold-tone hardware