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Eight Best Practices of Good Dog Owners

Jul 07, 2016 09:10AM ● By Editorial Intern f

Photo via Pixabay

By Laura Muensterer

Let’s be honest, taking care of a dog is no easy job. The lovable animals are the equivalent of babies, complete with separation anxiety, crying and unpredictable bathroom schedules. However, that does not mean that the eager-to-please fur balls are not worth every bit of love, affection and time you dedicate to them.

They know exactly how to make us feel better after a long day at work and encourage us to exercise as they sit by the door, anxiously awaiting their daily walk. All dog owners have a plethora of responsibilities to tend to, and the good ones know that their work as a dog mom or dad never ends on simply filling the food and water bowl.

Experienced dog owners:

1. Know that a successful morning walk always has to end with a quality head scratch and a well-deserved food reward. After all, dogs are the ones who do the most work, including dragging you along as you sip your morning coffee.

2. Bring their four-legged family member to the dog park at least once a week so he has a chance to socialize with his furry friends. And let’s not forget the owners, who are always happy to provide some extra head and rear scratches.

3. Have a dedicated time slot for play time so their busybody pet can stay in shape and fall asleep at night. Those treat calories aren’t going to burn themselves, after all. And everyone knows a late-night play session is the go-to cure for any dog’s pre-bedtime restlessness.

4. Bring their dog to doggie day camp at PetSmart every week so he has the chance to play with old and new friends (and the nice employees). Dogs need a change of scenery every so often. Doggie day camp is the best of both worlds because there is always a wide variety of dog breeds and a devoted handler who has no problem loving on your buddy until you bring him home for the day.

5. Buy a variety of treats so their best friend has a smorgasbord of delicious meat-filled eats. Sure, your dog’s health and wellbeing is top priority, but that doesn’t mean a new, tasty treat every once in a while is unnecessary.

6. Let their puppy at heart take a dip in the pool, even if that means the pool will be filled with his ubiquitous hair. It justifies the money you spend on a pool guy every week.

7. Leave the TV on while they’re at work so their favorite canine has some entertainment while he awaits his owner’s return. Who cares if he understands the plot? The mere visuals will satisfy him until he has some real human attention he can beg for.

8. Diversify their walk routes so their furry friend has a new light pole or fire hydrant to sniff each time. A dog’s favorite hobby, next to eating and playing, is sniffing. Even just taking a different street gives your walking companion that many more things to investigate with his sensitive snout.