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Five Ones to Watch In Seventeen

Aug 02, 2016 02:56PM ● By Ashley Pape

ABOUT HANNAH | Some people are born to perform. Hannah Hamel is one such person. Whether it was singing Disney in front of her dad’s old camera, participating in choir throughout elementary school or even appearing in a Google Chrome commercial alongside none other than Lady Gaga herself, Hamel possessed stage presence before she ever graced one. Today she’s a theatrical star, voted among the top three actresses in her department and recipient of the Amanda Hopkins Award of Excellence, awarded by directors to the theater student they believe is a jack-of-all-trades. Performing in four shows as an actor, designing a show and writing a show undoubtedly put Hamel at the top of the list. 

During her senior year, look for Hamel in all the Carroll Senior High productions, where she’ll be present both on stage and off. Never one to shy away from setting goals, she plans to not only act but also learn to operate the light and sound boards, develop her technician skills and run for Thespian Board president. 

FAVORITE CLASS | “My favorite class in school is theater for obvious reasons,” Hamel says. “However, I prefer history to all others. I seem to have an obsession with the Middle Ages.” 

Peyton Faltys

ABOUT PEYTON | Emerald Belles Senior Lieutenant Peyton Faltys was only four years old when she discovered a love for dance, and she hasn’t looked back since. It wasn’t until she attended her first Dragon football game that she knew she had not only a soul for rhythm but a desire to be part of something more. Earning a spot on the varsity drill team her freshman year of high school, Faltys immediately fell in line with the sisterhood bond the team is known for, and embraced the responsibility its status demands. After all, as a little girl she always looked up to the Emerald Belles. 

But it’s not just dancing that’s keeping Faltys on her toes. She is also a member of the prestigious Carroll Senior High Green Jackets. This group of student ambassadors is known for serving the community in many capacities and representing CSHS while wearing the signature bright green blazer. 

FAVORITE CLASS | “Aside from Belles, my favorite class last year was definitely AP U.S. history,” Faltys shares. “I believe the teacher can really make the class, and Mr. Irish was incredible in that he taught in a way that was both informative and fun.”


ABOUT AUSTIN | Austin Woolsey, Carroll Band president, wasn’t necessarily destined to be a musician, but that didn’t stop him from dreaming. Though no one in his family had musical inclinations, Woolsey was in fifth grade when he decided to give band a shot. His inspiration? A Star Wars-themed performance put on by two trombone players a year above him. Since sixth grade, he’s been an integral part of the Carroll Dragon Band, currently leading as low brass captain for its marching band with a mission to make the program even better for future generations. 

After high school, Woolsey plans to study jazz in college, and he hopes to share his love for music with the world. As he travels the globe, he plans to play and learn while immersing himself in the culture and styles of music he discovers along the way, eventually teaching others the craft. 

FAVORITE CLASS | “Outside of music and music theory, it’s probably English,” Woosley says. “I love comparing my interpretation of a literary work to those of my classmates and hearing new ideas.”


ABOUT ELIZABETH | While other children were singing along to cartoon theme songs, Elizabeth Hick was humming along to musicals such as “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Miserables” as a young girl. (She admits it drove her family a bit crazy.) But it was worth it, as she began her first voice lessons at age 10 and joined choir in seventh grade. Since then, she hasn’t stopped honing her voice, preferring the drama and challenge of opera, as well as classical church hymns because they express her faith. Her achievements have been many, but one most notable was her invitation to sing a solo alongside members of the Fort Worth Opera during an evening recital. 

When she’s not singing, Hick has her nose in the books and it shows. She has completed seven AP classes to date with plans to graduate with a total of 12. She also enjoys writing music and poetry—the better to sing to! 

FAVORITE CLASS | “My favorite class is either AP art history or AP biology,” Hicks says. Following high school, she would “love to major in vocal performance, but still take all the required pre-med classes, so that I could either go to medical school or continue classical singing. Whatever I do, I want it to mean something and make a difference in the world.”


ABOUT JACK | Jack DeBusk has always enjoyed exploring his artistic side. But although he has taken art classes most of his life, only recently did he realize art was more than a hobby for him. He attributes this change of attitude to his art teacher, Eric Horn, who opened DeBusk’s eyes to a whole new world of artistry—including his current love for abstract and conceptual art. Soon after, DeBusk was accepted into the state Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) art competition, an achievement only reached by Texas’ most promising young artists. 

Senior year will find him in the studio perfecting his craft—and doing so always with a flourish of creativity. This year, DeBusk hopes to expand his knowledge while working on two portfolios to bring him closer to his goal of earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art school. His ultimate goal? To make art his life’s work. 

FAVORITE CLASS | “AP art is my favorite class,” DeBusk says. “But I also enjoy playing euphonium, which is a low brass instrument.”