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Southlake Style

Lettuce Rejoice

Aug 02, 2016 03:25PM ● By Ashley Pape

Bread Zeppelin, one of Southlake’s newest salad purveyors, offers something a little different in its colorful assembly line of lettuce, toppings and embellishments: the zeppelin. It’s a freshly baked artisan baguette that’s hollowed out to make room for your salad. Subs and wraps have been done; this is something new. It’s the ultimate combination of a nutrition-packed salad with crispy, doughy bread. And no piece of the baguette goes unused—the bread’s insides get re-baked into deliciously crunchy croutons. 

Bread Zeppelin’s founders, Troy Charhon and Andrew Schoellkopf, modeled their restaurant’s dining experience after other fast-casual eateries. Customers step up to select their greens (perhaps romaine, spinach or kale), a protein (grilled chicken, roasted turkey and fried shrimp are tasty options) and whatever garnishes they fancy (apples, cranberries and edamame taste lovely together). Then patrons head to the chopping station to choose a bowl, sandwich or the restaurant’s signature zeppelin, which, if you’re dining at Bread Zeppelin, is a must. There’s something about the toasty crunch of the bread and the cool crispness of the lettuce that makes this meal a standout. 

With 40 ingredients and 20 homemade dressings for the choosing, it’s hard to make a final decision as you make your way down the line. But whatever combination you settle on, it’s sure to please your taste buds. Each salad is chopped to your liking and, not only that, but every bite is guaranteed to have a consistent amount of all your favorite toppings. That’s because a salad samurai behind the counter chops it fast with a mezzaluna knife, a curved blade with a handle on each end. We’ve never seen lettuce fly quite like that. 

If a salad and bread combo doesn’t excite you, you can enjoy a turkey zeppelin or a simple bowl of greens ranging from iceberg blend, romaine, kale and spring mix. And for those who wish to sink their teeth into something meaty, there’s the Lone Star, a zeppelin creation filled with steak, onion rings and creamy wasabi dressing, among other savory selections. The Plymouth Rock is another tempting choice with roasted turkey, cranberries, beets, blue cheese and caramelized pecans. We have a feeling we’ll be going back for that one later this fall. 

Bread Zeppelin prepares exceptional salads and subs, if that’s your thing, but when you’re looking to mix up your usual greens for lunch, you can’t beat the zeppelin. It’s an uplifting dining experience all around.