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Southlake Students Join Paint the Change Movement

Sep 06, 2016 07:57AM ● By Audrey Sellers

As Dragons embark on a new school year, one group of Carroll students wants to make sure that youth around the world have the same privilege. Over the summer, 15 Carroll students joined the Paint the Change campaign, a worldwide street art movement in support of educational rights.

Partnering with nationally renowned Southlake artist, Deanna Kienast, the group aims to make a change through artistic expression. Together, they worked with paintbrushes and plenty of colors to create a piece that would represent the privilege of education. The group hopes to make their artwork a traveling exhibition, putting it on display at various Southlake destinations and campuses.

“If a standard 5x7 picture represents a thousand words,” says Natasha Sabour, a student participant and one of the founding organizers of the Southlake group, “then a mural on the side of a 10-story building represents the incredible story of decades of social injustice that must come to an end.”

Joining a global endeavor for education is #NotACrime, the group used creativity, art and social technology to tell a story of social injustice that must come to an end. Learn more about the initiative at