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The Joy of Baking

Sep 07, 2016 10:31AM ● By Dia

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What could be better than a cupcake? Not much, except if you make it yourself! There are few things kids of all ages enjoy more than heading into the kitchen to whip up a cupcake masterpiece. And best of all, not only does this sweet treat please your taste buds, but baking is a great way for kids to develop skills and independence in the multi-sensory environment of the kitchen.

In addition to the obvious skills of math, science, reading, following directions and social skills (if you bake with friends!), baking also builds independence and self-confidence in budding chefs. It’s empowering and exciting to create a recipe from start to finish. Not only do you get to select the flavor of the cake and icing, but your creativity is free to run wild as you decorate your creations.

The next time you take to the kitchen for your very own culinary adventure, remember these tips to ensure a smooth sailing baking foray.

1. Take your time! Baking is a fantastic activity but it can’t be rushed. Before heading into the kitchen, take the time to select your recipes for both the cake and the icing (visit for our library of favorites!) Be sure that you have all of the ingredients that you need.

2. Wash your hands! Once you’ve gathered your recipe and ingredients, you’re ready to start. Always begin any activities in the kitchen with clean hands.

3. Follow directions! Baking is a science. In order for your cupcakes to turn out, you need to following the directions. Be sure to read the directions from start to finish before you start so that you’ll know what to expect.

4. Don’t worry about the mess! With flour, eggs and butter, you’re bound to have a few spills and splashes. Don’t worry about it. That’s part of the fun. Just remember, it’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself too. I like to clean as I go so it’s not overwhelming at the end.

5. Have fun! While baking is a science, there is always room to experiment with flavorings, especially in your icings and fillings. Try out different recipes and once you learn the basics, feel free to experience and develop your own signature cupcake.

6. Don’t forget to decorate! If you’re like me, decorating is just as fun as the cake making. Experiment with different icing tips and fondant to create a gorgeous creation.

7. Don’t aim for perfection! In the end, it’s all going to end up in your stomach (or those of your friends and families) so don’t worry about making the perfect cupcake. Baking, like anything else, is a learned skill so have fun along the way and don’t sweat the small stuff.

8. Take pictures! Post pictures of your cupcakes and you making them on our facebook Fan Page We’d love to see what you’re creating!

-- Eden Bullock, Owner, Taste Buds Kitchen Southlake 2016