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Black Door Home Co. Turns Eyesores into the Eye-Catching

Sep 12, 2016 10:04AM ● By Dia

John and Elizabeth Huffman are not just partners in life, but in work. This year they opened Black Door Home Co., a full-service home renovation and improvement company.

Why Start a Business Together?

John and Elizabeth started Black Door Home Co. because they absolutely love home renovation and design. It does not intimidate them at all to take a serious eyesore and turn it into something beautiful. When they see severely outdated concepts, rather than get overwhelmed, they just see possibility.

The couple first thought about doing this as a profession after buying their current home. They love that Southlake has an upscale, rural feel and they wanted to buy an older home that had all of Southlake’s charm wrapped up into it. They came upon the house while they were in between soccer games. It was outdated but had a great layout and they loved the lot. Elizabeth told John they could buy it under one condition–they had to do some major work first. The most important was ripping out the existing staircase and removing the blue popcorn ceilings before they moved in. They changed the entire house from top to bottom – literally – and made it a home that is a great fit for their family. They also fell in love with the process.

After many friends and family asked for help and input during their own renovations, the couple started thinking about doing it as a business. The idea of owning something themselves and building it into the type of business they wanted was very appealing. After a few months of discussion and much prayer, they felt like the time was right to make it official.

Renovations, Design and Décor

The Huffmans can help turn your home into the perfect haven for you and your lifestyle. Specializing in renovations, desig and decor, they can work with any budget and any idea. It is their desire to love your home just as you do and they will treat it like it’s their own. Working closely together with the homeowner, they want to make sure you get exactly what you want. They also help some homeowners update their homes to sell, which provides an opportunity to meet a need for people in the area that cannot be met otherwise. To the Huffmans, it matters that they help people and show them genuine care and love – they really enjoy building relationships with their clients.

And since the couple has different strengths, they work well together – John with his legal and management background and Elizabeth with her design, decor and communications background.

All in the Family

College sweethearts, they met at Texas A&M and got married after graduation. They moved to Washington, D.C. where John was in law school at Georgetown and Elizabeth worked for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. John practiced law for six years and then moved into the oil and gas industry. They have lived in Southlake since 2008 and celebrated their 10-year anniversary earlier this year.

Plus, Elizabeth homeschools their three children, ages nine, seven and five, so it truly is a family affair. They also have six chickens and a dog named Teddy Roosevelt. It’s a fun, lively, never-a-dull-moment life and they wouldn't have it any other way.