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Get a Taste of Authentic Mexican Treats at Tia Tina’s Bakery

Sep 23, 2016 10:19AM ● By Audrey Sellers

The taqueria Southlake has been buzzing about now has a way to satisfy your sweet tooth: Tia Tina’s Bakery. Arman Khan, owner of Hermano’s Taqueria inside the Texaco on White’s Chapel, wanted to offer Mexican-inspired treats to his customers.

So, Khan expanded the business to include a bakery that puts its own twist on traditional items—think sopapilla cake, coffee macarons, dulce de leche cookies and even a green Dragon macaron. Situated next door to the taqueria (yes, right inside the Texaco station), is Tia Tina’s Bakery, a mini bakery that exudes charm, friendliness and plenty of authentic Mexican baked goods.

Cristina Martinez is head baker, and one thing is for sure: She is committed to baking up the freshest, purest treats. Fake food? She won’t have it in the bakery.

“My pastries are made with real ingredients. No preservatives, no chemicals, just ingredients you can read and know what they are,” says Martinez. “This is my way of fighting the fake-food trend. Taste my cakes and taste a box cake, and you can taste the difference.”

Martinez has a deep-rooted passion for great food. She remembers sitting on the kitchen counter as a child, feet dangling off the edge, and listening as her father talked to her while he cooked. “The whole family would come over and nearly trample each other to get to the food,” she remembers. “I thought to myself, ‘This is what I want to do.’ I want to get to people’s soul and make them run to get the flavors.”

You’ll definitely pick up your pace to get a taste of the goodies behind the glass counter at Tia Tina’s. After polishing off a lunch of chicken tacos from Hermano’s, we sure did. The bakery’s offerings rotate every few days, so there’s always something new to experience. The most popular items include the triple chocolate cake (chocolate cake, creamy chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache), sopapilla cake, cookie, macaron and the tres leches cake.

We had the chance to sample a variety of treats including the chocolate peanut butter cake (it was lusciously moist and bursting with peanut butter flavor) and Mexican pink cake (a subtly sweet treat with pink frosting and festive sprinkles on top).

Our group couldn’t get enough of the Mexican wedding cookies and the Dragon macaron, a green-hued cookie that’s perfectly sweet—and perfectly irresistible. If you’re looking to add a swanky touch to your next Dragon tailgate, this is the way to go. 

As for the head baker? Her personal favorite is the coffee macaron. It’s a chocolate shell with coffee sprinkled on top and chocolate coffee cream in the middle.

Tia Tina’s is also looking at offering some seasonal treats such as pumpkin pie, pecan pie and pumpkin-spice items, so stop by to see what delights Martinez has behind the counter.

No matter what you end up taking home or back to the office, Martinez hopes to bring customers some of the joy she remembers from her childhood kitchen. “I want everyone to know we are here, we care about the community, and we strive to become a Southlake staple,” she says.