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Former NFL Player Tim Green Talks Education, Books with Dragons

Oct 11, 2016 10:21AM ● By Audrey Sellers

Tim Green, former NFL player and best-selling author, visited Dragon Country today to speak to students at Dawson and Eubanks about the power of education and reading.  

Green was an award-winning NFL defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons for eight years. While he played in the NFL, he also studied law and launched a writing career. After writing more than a dozen books for adults, Tim began a series of best-selling novels for children. The books are set in the world of sports and are based on Tim’s experiences as an athlete and a coach.

When students begin a new book, Green encouraged them to give it five chapters. If they don’t love it, put it down. “Unless it’s a school assignment,” he said, with a laugh. “Books should be enjoyed.”

Green discussed his early love of sports—especially football. “I worked hard. I’d run until I threw up. I didn’t stop,” he said. “I’m running, lifting and practicing.”

But he also had a passion for education, always striving to be an A student. And most of the time he was, Green told the students. “Everything the teacher said, I’d take down,” he said. “I worked as an athlete and I worked as a student.”

And anytime he had the chance, Green had a book in his hands. “When I was riding the bus, I was reading a book. If I finished my lunch early, I was reading a book. In the locker room, I was reading a book,” he said to the students. “If you don’t love books, you’re one book away from knowing what I’m talking about. Once you experience a great book, you go out and seek another one. And when you find it, you’ll say: This is the book!”

In his presentation, Green shared his career journey with students. He became a lawyer after retiring from football in 1994, and he also began working as a television broadcaster for FOX NFL Sunday and other shows.

It all comes back to a good education, he told students. “I love what education has done for me and my five kids,” Green said. “Education is freedom, power, opportunity and choices.”