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Utopia Food & Fitness Brings Fast Fitness and Crave - Worthy Cuisine to Southlake

Oct 12, 2016 08:23AM ● By Dia

Southlake now has a unique new health-friendly, scientifically calibrated diet and exercise business on Southlake Boulevard. Utopia Food & Fitness, a leading provider of healthy, lasting weight-loss and fitness solutions, has opened its third location in the DFW area in our backyard after successful launches in Plano and North Dallas. 

The company touts “a better physique with two 20s a week,” helping clients achieve their best results in a minimal amount of time by combining the most critical components of health and fitness: a balanced diet and effective exercise. Hectic and busy is the term most Utopia clients use to describe their lives, which is why the company’s efficient, six-week program works for adults who are short on time, from working parents to in-demand professionals.

Utopia Food & Fitness is run by father/son duo Kirk and Scott Wilder.  Kirk, who serves as the company’s President, Chief Fitness Officer and Founder, turned his insatiable passion for fitness and diet into a thriving business model.  He combined his experience training everyone from friends to pilots during his time in the U.S. Navy with a fascination for research in creating revolutionary diets to design a program that delivered real results in minimal time.

“Delighted clients are one of our best marketing tools, because they see the results of the program and can’t wait to show and tell everyone they know,” said Kirk. “When you look good and feel good, people around you take notice. Our ability to expand to Southlake is a testament to the power of the Utopia Food & Fitness program and the steady increase in the number of people who have heard about and are now seeking out our unique solution.” 

Scott, Kirk’s son and Utopia’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer and Founder, has been a driving force behind the expansion ofthe business into multiple locations, including Southlake. 

“What we hear from clients in terms of what matters most to them is the level of convenience,” says Scott. “Utopia Food & Fitness was designed to take the guess-work out of getting results with individually packaged, fresh meals and the leg-work out of fitness with quick, targeted circuit training.  We hear “this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done” all the time.  It is so rewarding to see our members get great results, especially those who have tried everything without a successful outcome.” 

Utopia Food & Fitness’ collaboration with industry experts, including UT Southwestern Medical Center, brought about a science-backed plan that allows clients to achieve their weight-loss, metabolism and lean muscle goals in just two, twenty-minute, action-packed circuit workouts a week.  

“Circuit training is magical for weight loss and rebuilding your metabolism so that you actually shed fat pounds at rest,” says Kirk. “Utopia clients achieve greater results in just six weeks than they ever could logging countless miles on a treadmill.”

The secret ingredient in the nutrition plan at Utopia Food & Fitness is four-star Executive Chef Mike Smith and the watchful eye of Chief Nutrition Officer and renowned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr. Carol Ireton-Jones.  Utopia clients enjoy fresh, balanced meals that taste good to complement their fitness regimen. Clients order three meals and two snacks a day for the six-week program.  Some of the chef-created options include hashbrown casserole, enchiladas, turkey Bolognese, spinach artichoke dip, and more. Another added bonus for their on-the-go clientele is all meals can be ordered online.    

“In addition to making our meals delicious,” says Chef Mike, “we find variety and satisfying cravings to be key to our members’ success.  That’s why our menu rotates through over 200 items including options such as tex-mex, Italian, and even desserts for those with a sweet tooth. 

“Many clients tell us they want to lose weight, and we can certainly help them reach their goals,” said Kirk. “However, the primary goal at Utopia is to help them reverse the unnecessary aging process of losing shapely, lean muscle and adding unwanted, excess body fat. It goes beyond looking great for an upcoming reunion or getting ready for bikini season. We designed our six-week program to jump-start the body’s metabolism and set every client up for long-term success.”


Utopia Food & Fitness is open seven days a week.  For more information about the program and hours, visit

Address: 2777 E Southlake Blvd #130, Southlake, TX 76092

Phone: (817) 329-1888