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A Latte to Love

Dec 08, 2016 09:57AM ● By Ashley Pape

A great cup of coffee—or tea or cappuccino—is delicious any time of year, but cooler temps make you hanker for a hot mug you can wrap chilly hands around and lean over the aromatic warmth wafting toward your face. Carlos and Susan Palacio, owners of TRIO Craft Coffee, share a passion for java and people, which led to their pursuit of a local specialty coffee shop.

After marrying in 2012, the Palacios determined their mission: to serve their community and deliver incredible coffee. “We wanted to take something ‘common’ and ubiquitous and unearth the best possible results,” Susan says.

The couple met in Guatemala, where Susan was serving as a missionary and Carlos was on a short-term trip. A native of Mexico City, Carlos lived there and in Columbia before moving to the United States over 20 years ago. “His heritage plays a large role in our love for and desire to serve excellent coffee,” Susan says. “He remembers drinking coffee even as a little kid.”

Susan has always been a coffee lover, too, but her appreciation for the craft has evolved exponentially over the past five years. Together they have unearthed the best possible product the coffee bean can deliver.

TRIO Craft Coffee takes its name from a few sources—master coffee tasters take three sips when assessing flavor, and local coffee houses represent that third gathering spot in addition to work and home. For the coffee at TRIO to be exceptional every time, three elements come into play: water, beans and barista. The result? High-quality coffee and an aspiration to elevate coffee brewing to a culinary art and not just a commodity.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and Novel Coffee Roasters provide the beans behind the brews. “We have purposefully partnered with local roasters who are doing an excellent job and consistently providing the highest quality beans,” Susan says. “Each season we infuse unique ingredients with coffee and tea to provide our customers with something different from our standard menu.”

This fall, expect Autumn Spice Latte, Mexican Salted Caramel Cappuccino and other seasonal delights. While good coffee and teas are certainly worth the drive to TRIO, the mouthwatering pastries, delivered fresh from Zenzero Bakery in nearby Coppell, and gluten-free offerings from Pinch of Salt Pastries, plus hot sandwiches will keep you coming back for more. Consider TRIO a one-stop coffee shop for flavorful pick-me-ups and tasty options to warm you from the inside out. 


2628 Long Prairie Road, Suite 103 Flower Mound