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Break Up with Your Scale

Jan 06, 2017 10:10AM ● By Ashley Pape

If you sweat it out in fitness classes week after week, you probably want to see a return on those sweat sessions. You could step on the scale or gauge how your pants fit, but there’s a better way to monitor your progress. Naked, the world’s first in-home 3D body scanner, lets you track results like never before. It’s a full-length mirror and rotating scale that captures your 3D body model and sends stats straight to your smartphone. Not only can health enthusiasts track critical stats such as weight and body fat percentage, but they can also visualize their body’s real-time progress. There’s nothing like viewing your 3D image to inspire you to hold those planks a little longer or hit the rower a little harder. Whether you want to jumpstart healthy habits this year or fit back into your skinny jeans after the holidays, Naked is the high-tech tool to help you get there. 

Don’t worry about Naked being complex or clunky; it is designed to blend seamlessly into your daily routine without compromising looks or performance. The full-length sleek mirror fits perfectly in a bedroom or bathroom. The scale’s weight sensors are internal instead of external, allowing it work on carpet as well as hard flooring. To access power, the mirror connects to a wall outlet, and the scale/turntable charges wirelessly through the mirror. Once it’s set up, just step on the scale and let Naked’s Intel RealSense Technology create your body model. The sensors use infrared light in a manner similar to an XBox Kinnect or a TV remote control. Naked calculates body fat percentage using the volume from your scan and your weight; it’s essentially a virtual hydrostatic (dunk tank) test. A full 3D scan takes about 20 seconds. The scanner also provides a heat map, showing exactly where your body is growing muscle (or accumulating fat) in real time. So if you suspect you have a few extra holiday pounds lingering, Naked will show you exactly where. 

Every aspect of Naked is designed to be efficient, elegant and user-friendly, from auto-user recognition and scan countdown to a low-battery alert and product updates. Consider it a souped-up version of a standard scale. While a traditional scale is one-dimensional—it doesn’t provide a broader picture of one’s overall health—Naked is changing the game. The technology gives users an unbiased, completely transparent view of the body. For those embarking on a true health journey, not just looking to shed a few pounds, Naked might just be a magic mirror.