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Auto Dealers are People, Too!

Jan 19, 2017 03:43PM ● By Dia

 So you have done all your research and found the perfect new car or truck. Because you are a savvy buyer, you have also looked up the trade-in value of your 2014 Infinity QX80 on all the major auto valuation sites and are prepared for battle. One thing, though—you have pretty much written off your car while searching for your new car. I mean, why freak out about the spilled chips, mud from Dragon football practice or residual road dirt from the last rainstorm? Your Infinity is about to be someone else’s problem, right?

Wrong! Remember that auto dealers are people, too. When dealers look at your vehicle, they get a first impression based on what they see.  According to KBB, a vehicle’s value can range significantly from Excellent, being in like new condition (according to KBB only 3% of trade-in valued vehicles fall into this category) to Fair, with most being in Good and Very Good condition.

My recommendation, spend $150 on a vehicle detail to possibly pick up $1000 in condition value. Don’t spend years taking “Very Good” care of your car only to sell it in “Good” condition.



This article was written by Kris Gaerlan resident of Southlake 

and President of Dallas Lease Returns (Dallas' Luxury Used Car Dealership)

214.960.1388 14335 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244 

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