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Have a Smashing Time

Feb 01, 2017 08:27AM ● By Ashley Pape

If you’re ready for a unique and memorable Valentine’s treat for the one you love, there’s nothing quite like Stomp, the traveling percussion show that’s full of dance, visual comedy and raucous energy. Stomp is a great introduction to live theater and is guaranteed to entertain the entire family, even those who may not think they’d enjoy a live show. Using everything from brooms to metal trashcan lids or rubber bins combined with mallets, hammers and drumsticks, this wild dance and drumming group couples gymnastics, street scenes and innovative percussion techniques to entertain like no other act. Created in 1991 in the United Kingdom, the troupe played around the world in the early 1990s before landing in the Orpheum Theatre in New York City. The group, which has toured the United States continuously since then, with permanent shows now in Las Vegas and New York, will perform for six straight days at Music Hall. 

Considered a worldwide phenomenon, this incredible show must be experienced live to be appreciated. Arriving at Music Hall at Fair Park for eight shows, tickets for Stomp start at $36 and are the perfect gift for a special night out. This show will leave you with your heart beating and toes tapping to the rhythm of the street, so come prepared to be amazed at the creativity of music made from everyday objects. 


Date: February 14-19 Location: Music Hall at Fair Park