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I Sell Cars, Why Didn't My Wife Buy From Me?

Feb 16, 2017 11:20AM ● By Dia

I sell cars, so why didn’t my wife buy from me? 

Seriously, could I not close my own wife? Was this wrong? Was she sleeping with the enemy? What if people found out? 

Here’s the story. A couple years ago my wife wanted a new Escalade. I am not a new car Dealer so she went to our local Cadillac Dealer. For our purposes, let’s call this Dealer “Dual” Cadillac. Dual Cadillac was clearly not Dallas Lease Returns, and in my eyes, was the very establishment I was standing against.

Sadly I have to report everything was fine. Our salesman was courteous and professional. I really don’t like being handed off to a finance manager but after some negotiating on the rate, I purchased a tire and wheel policy and found him to be overall pleasant as well. If asked about my experience I would tell people they are a stand-up outfit and if I wanted another brand-new Cadillac I would go back to them.

I share this with you because I speak a lot about how bad the “Dealership” experience can be and I believe that. I don’t believe though that all Dealerships are bad or have to be bad for Dallas Lease Returns to be good. I just believe the overall the “Dealership” sales system found at many outfits is outdated and high pressure for everyone—staff and customer.

My advice if you see a vehicle you have interest in, go online and check the Dealership’s reviews. Then, see if they are willing to be transparent with you over the phone about best pricing, trade value and rate. Use your gut. It will feel right or wrong. 

 If you want to go look at cars without being pestered by a salesperson, you can come by my place, Dallas Lease Returns. We have an 80,000-square-foot indoor facility and get over 600 vehicles monthly, and if you just want to look at cars, tell Anna at the front desk you are just looking. All of the cars are inside and unlocked. As for reviews, we are the DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award winner three years in a row as well as the 2017 DealerRater Texas Used Car Dealer of the Year (sorry couldn’t resist)!  



This article was written by Kris Gaerlan resident of Southlake  and President of Dallas Lease Returns (Dallas' Luxury Used Car Dealership) 214.960.1388 14335 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244 

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