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Southlake Style

Dan Quinn

Apr 03, 2017 09:22AM ● By Ashley Pape

For a guy whose career is in the very right-brained world of music and entertainment, Dan Quinn is no novice when it comes to math.

Before taking the plunge from the corporate world to pursuing his love of music by becoming a full-time DJ and musician, Quinn took a good look at the numbers.

“I took a practical approach to this business; I saw what was realistic,” says Quinn. “There are 60,000 weddings a year in Dallas; that’s 1,200 a week.”

So this DJ and “one-man band” decided that there was indeed a market for his talent. Now, in addition to performing at corporate events and private parties, Quinn has tapped into that booming wedding business. As a result, he is booked nearly every weekend and has become Southlake’s go-to music guy. 

The busy dad (he and his equally busy wife, Danielle, who runs FlyKids Yoga in Southlake, have four children between them) also runs a summer camp for kids called Oontz Kids, which helps aspiring young DJs learn the business. The camp started in Southlake, but seeing the need—and the numbers—Quinn is taking the model to other cities around the country.

“I teach the kids at camp that ‘your job is to create a mood.’ People may not clap or even look at you,” he says, “but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing a good job.” 

Instead, Quinn knows how to spot a job well done. “When I can make other people have a good time, that’s such a cool rush,” he says. 

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