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Southlake Style

Five Minutes with.....Rob Matwick

May 05, 2017 03:56PM ● By Ashley Pape

The next time you head to Globe Life Park to cheer on the Texas Rangers, Southlake resident Rob Matwick is working behind the scenes to make sure you have a phenomenal time. As executive vice president of business operations for the Rangers, Matwick oversees all aspects of ballpark operations.

MY EARLIEST BASEBALL MEMORY: is walking onto Forbes Field [former home of the Pittsburgh Pirates]. I remember the chalk line and how green the grass was.

WHAT I FIND MOST INTERESTING ABOUT BASEBALL: is that, fundamentally, the game itself hasn’t changed much.
It’s been played for more than 100 years, and it has been consistent. I’ve always loved the game.

IN A NUTSHELL, MY JOB IS TO: take care of the building and make sure guests have an outstanding experience, from the time they pull into the parking lot to when they get back in their cars.

MY CAREER IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL BEGAN WHEN: I got a call out of the blue in 1985 by Dick Wagner, who had just been named the president and GM of the Houston Astros. I had been recommended to him for a job he thought I might be interested in. I’ve worked in Major League Baseball ever since.

I GOT MY START WITH THE RANGERS WHEN: Nolan Ryan contacted me about
a potential job opportunity. He had just been named president of the Rangers and was looking to put his staff together. I’ve known Nolan since 1985, and the idea of working side by side with him intrigued me. I came here in June 2008. I’m blessed to be part of the game for as long as I have been.

A CAREER HIGHLIGHT FOR ME: was when I was with the Astros the rst time they went to the World Series in 2005. I was also with the Rangers the rst time they went to the World Series in 2010 and again in 2011. It’s cool that I was with both franchises for their rst World

Series appearances. The only thing we haven’t accomplished is winning one! I’m 0-3 right now.


family. Leadership sets the example. We’ve had families come from other organizations, and they always talk about how they’re treated so well and feel so welcomed here. It’s a testament to our leadership and our people.

BASEBALL HAS EVOLVED IN THAT: the players are bigger, stronger and faster. How we market the game is different. Certainly we’ve gone through a renaissance with new ballparks and the amenities we can offer fans today. There’s also increased connectivity to the game. I can watch any game on my phone. It’s really a credit to MLB and the industry.

A TYPICAL DAY FOR ME INVOLVES: working with The Cordish Companies on the $250 million Texas Live! project. We’ve put ourselves in a position
to do some transformational things with the franchise. We’ve solicited fan feedback so fans
can send us their thoughts. We’re engaging all our staff, and we’re working with the City of Arlington to ensure we live up to their expectations. We have many irons in the re, so my days are always full.

WHEN IT COMES TO TEXAS LIVE!, I’M MOST EXCITED THAT: we, as an organization, will be able to deliver on the promise of development. We have a great facility with Globe Life Park. AT&T Stadium is magni cent. But we’re missing a piece. The Cordish Companies has done a phenomenal job developing anchor retail and development. I can’t wait for it to open in 2020.

I WANT RANGERS FANS TO KNOW THAT: there will be so many different concepts at Texas Live! They may come and have a favorite place, but they can also visit and experience something new. It’s going to be a tremendous experience for fans—it’ll be a destination people can visit 365 days a year.