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You're in for a (Frozen) Treat

May 05, 2017 03:57PM ● By Ashley Pape

Steel City Pops has the remedy to the blazing-hot days of summer: ice-cold pops. The purveyor of craft popsicles opened in Park Village just in time to beat the heat, offering artisanal twists on the summertime favorite. Only the treats at Steel City Pops are far more sophisticated than any of your childhood favorites. These delights are made with enticing ingredients, local nds and unique pairings.

All of the shop’s summer-scorcher solutions are made in small batches without the arti cial avors, colors and preservatives of mass-produced pops. Instead, Steel City Pops uses the freshest all-natural or certi ed organic ingredients. Sweetened with organic sugar, all the offerings are gluten-free and vegetarian. If you’re committed to eating clean, here’s a way to indulge and feel good about it.

Whether you’re in need of a post-pool-day pick-me- up or you want to satisfy a sweet tooth, Steel City Pops has you covered. The menu is divided into fruity and creamy categories in avors that will please the whole family. Kids will clamor for the always-classic Straw- berry Pop, made only with strawberries, lemon, organic cane sugar and water. The Elder ower Pop, with its oral, citrus and honey avors, will satisfy a more sophisticated palate. It’s similar to a berry pop, only ratcheted up a notch.

On the creamy side of the menu, the Avocado Pop is smooth and rich with a hint of citrus from lime juice. It also happens to be the only creamy option without dairy. The Coffee Pop, one of the shop’s most popu- lar items, is another one to try. Made with espresso and Turkish ground coffee, this pop packs a punch of caffeine in frozen form. It’s silky smooth and sweet—the perfect cool-down that will also perk you right up.

The menu also features eclectic pops such as the Pineapple Jalapeño, which is both sweet and spicy. Like the other pops, it’s made with just a handful of all-natural ingredients. You never know just how ery it’ll be—the heat level varies in each batch depending on how many jalapeños are used.

From traditional avors to exotic combinations, Steel City Pops provides many cold options for hot days. And with new seasonal avors added to the menu, there will always be a pop to pique your interest. Stop by and ring in summer with one of the freshest, coolest treats in town.