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Keeping Cool with Orangetheory Fitness

May 19, 2017 08:34AM ● By Audrey Sellers

We can all appreciate a beautiful spring day, perfect for jogging outside and taking in the scenery. However, when the summer months roll around in Texas, it becomes unbearable and dangerous at times to be caught outdoors exercising for extended hours. 

Heading to a studio, which offers the sweet relief of air conditioning, is a great option all year around. Your heart rate can climb, sweat start to pour, but you’re not in danger of passing out from heat stroke. Making your way to a studio can also offer extra motivation to those who need it to make their workouts happen. The social environment of group workouts plus the added push from your personal trainer ensure a safe and effective workout.

Along with the accountability, proper hydration is imperative in Texas. Having the ability to fill your water bottle on demand, keeps those hydration levels up, and guarantees a great workout from start to finish.  

Orangetheory Fitness offers these things and more. Come for a great burn, and leave feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired. Our topnotch trainers will make sure you are safe and challenged on a daily basis, with new workouts each time. Orangetheory Fitness is a complete heart-rate based workout, which means it can be done by anyone, meeting them at their current fitness level. Your first class is always free. Click here to get signed up today!

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