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Reclaim the Garage

Jun 01, 2017 08:07AM ● By Pamela Hammonds

Neighborhood homes typically feature garages that should provide ample space for the two-vehicle family as well as bikes, kids’ sports equipment and the requisite workbench/paint-can shelf. But over time, the paraphernalia begins to encroach on the Escalade and, before he knows it, Dad is parking in the driveway. It’s time to reclaim the garage and return the space to its intended purposes. And, in the process, discover how cool and efficient your home’s storage space can actually be.    


Before tackling an update or renovation of your garage, determine your budget. From there you can prioritize your goals for the best method to corral your messy mess. Then a day of organization is in order. Toss the trash, banish the broken sports equipment and donate toys and treasures your household no longer uses. All of it!

After the dust has settled (and the tears dried over the scooter someone can’t believe you gave away), you are ready for action. Make a list of your goals. Do you want to create better storage? Get the bikes up and out of the way? Do you need an organization system for sports gear? Would you like an assembly that can be added onto as your budget allows? Do you have the time and patience for a DIY project or does a professional install seem the only way to go?


Like many home improvement projects that seem like an easy weekend job, installing an efficient garage storage system can be quite a chore. Companies that specialize in garage renovations, like GarageExperts in North Fort Worth, can design and customize products to best suit your needs, saving you time and successive trips to the home improvement store. Plus, garage pros can best address your design questions and even refinish your floor to the envy of everyone on the block. 

Expect to explore a variety of storage options—from open shelving to custom cabinets. When it comes to hard-to-corral items such as garden tools and unwieldy sporting equipment, a slat-wall system with relocatable hooks, hangers, baskets and bins should get the job done. Also be sure to address your fifth wall: the ceiling. It’s the perfect place to install a storage system for seldom-used items such as Christmas décor and ladders.

Once you’ve transformed the garage into a space that’s clean and well-organized, don’t forget about safety. Get your garage door inspected by a pro; ensure sensors work properly and your spring is in good shape. A fire extinguisher should be within easy reach (which you know how to use) plus smoke and carbon dioxide detectors installed. You might also update lighting and place sensors to let you know when you’ve pulled your vehicle in far enough.

Finally, consider covering stained or cracked concrete floor with an epoxy finish. Not only will your garage look like a dealership showroom, but the surface will also be durable and easy to clean. And the next time your block party gets rained out, move the festivities into your garage without thinking twice.