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Don’t Put Customers First!

Jun 02, 2017 10:34AM ● By Audrey Sellers

I hear it all the time—comments like “We put customers first!” and “The customer is always right!”

The idea of taking care of customers is a sound one for sure, but if as a core value you put your customers before your employees what happens? Here are my thoughts.

If as a company core value you put your customers before your employees, your employees will put themselves first.  Think about that….If they believe as a culture they come after the customer in your eyes, they will then have to protect their own agenda. Almost naturally puts them in a defensive posture.

Try this paradigm shift. Put your employees first. By doing this outwardly, this will make them stick up for their customers. They don’t have to watch their own backs because you are. It’s a simple idea. I am certainly not the first to try it, and I hope I am not the last!

Here is a short video of the Dallas Lease Returns employees—the most important people to DLR.

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