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Stephen Luhrs: Candidate for Southlake City Council Place 6

Jul 26, 2017 07:55AM ● By Audrey Sellers

Southlake Style: What inspired you to run for City Council?

Stephen Luhrs: I have always had a desire to be on City Council at some point. I have served on charity boards, HOA boards, boards of directors but never in a municipality environment. I very much want to be involved and serve the community we live in and this opening is that opportunity. I very much look forward to working for the community and helping to make the place we call home better for all.

SS: If elected what are some of your top priorities?

Luhrs: Initially, I would like to improve the communication between the city and the citizens. As a citizen of Southlake it sometimes feels like we are informed after the fact, and are not aware of all that is going on. I believe in transparency and making sure that our citizens are fully aware of what we as a council are working towards. Second, I would work on our traffic issues, ever since we arrived in Southlake we have continuously heard about and experienced  the traffic issues.

SS: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Southlake? 

Luhrs: I feel the biggest challenge facing Southlake is our growth. Southlake growth has been tremendous over the years and has benefited our citizens tremendously. As we move into the next decade we need to be sure that we manage this properly. Moving forward we need to manage our growth specifically as it effects our schools and traffic infrastructure. Growth is inevitable and has allowed us to get to where we are , but moving forward slow and steady might be a perfect plan.

SS: What is your vision with Southlake?

Luhrs: I see a Southlake that is close to what we have today. I would like to see a Southlake that looks very much like today’s city. I feel that Southlake has a charm like no other city in Texas and that we should do everything that we can to save as much of that charm as possible. The uniqueness of our city is something that we need to protect, much like our tradition in athletics and academics. My goal is that Southlake is still recognizable to our children when they come back to visit with their kids.

SS: What makes you the best candidate?

Luhrs: I feel that I am the best candidate because I bring a fresh perspective to Southlake. Being an entrepreneur and understanding how to build teams and businesses, I have the ability to use these specialties to help our city with its issues and goals. A city is much like a business, and the city council is much like a board of directors, it requires someone who can work on teams, understand budgets, expectations and how to keep an entity running. I feel that the city council provides a  key role for the citizens and it is our job to protect our citizens interests and it is my desire to help make this the best place possible.

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