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Shauna Newman: Candidate for Southlake City Council Place 6

Jul 26, 2017 07:58AM ● By Audrey Sellers

Southlake Style: What inspired you to run for City Council?

Shauna Newman: My family and I moved to Southlake from out of state in June 2004.  During our exhaustive research into finding the right Texas fit for our family, we were continually struck by the thoughtful, deliberate and visionary planning that was outlined in the then very initial stages of “Southlake 2025 Vision and Goals.”  Southlake faced critical decisions that would greatly impact its future. Decisions made just prior to 2004 like maintaining one high school thus preserving the Dragon tradition, and expanding Town Square were exactly why we ultimately chose Southlake as our home.

Now that Southlake is entering yet another planning phase, this time the ultimate commercial development of the 114 Corridor, I see an opportunity to give back to the community that has provided so much to my family. I have spent the last 13 years rolling up my sleeves to help our school district and community maintain and improve its quality of daily life. 

·      PTO President, Eubanks Intermediate School 2007-2009

·      Volunteer Religious School Director and Board of Trustee, Congregation Beth Israel 2005-2011

·      CLASS participant, DAC Committee member; Carroll Independent School District 2006-2009

·      President and Coach; Southlake Carroll Odyssey of the Mind 2006-2014

·      Project Graduation; 2010 – 2017

·      Volunteer: RES, EIS, DMS, CHS, CSHS; 2004-2017

In each of these roles, the people of Southlake have inspired me with their dedication to making this community an incredible place to live and work. Continuing to work with the wonderful people of this city and applying the skills I have developed and absorbed toward the continued betterment of Southlake would be a great privilege.

SS: If elected, what are some of your top priorities?

Newman: If elected I would work to approach the development of the 114 Corridor to include an open dialogue between Southlake families and the City Council about critical issues that will come with this last push of development.

·      Increased Traffic - The TD Ameritrade Campus, the proposed Village at Carrillon Parc, the newly constructed Kimball Park, the soon to be finished Granite Office Building at Town Square, just to name a few, are sound economic additions to the 114 Corridor. It is critical, however, that the inevitable increase in traffic be dealt with so that our local roads, residential neighborhoods and local school areas do not bear the burden of this growth.

·      Conservation of Southlake’s trees, tree canopies, and green spaces. It is important that the existing ordinances and initiatives to foster and preserve parks and green spaces do not get lost during our negotiations with developers. It is an important component of our economic and environmental future.

·      Local control of our government – Texas’ state government is considering legislation that would restrict local tree ordinances, local permitting regulations, and limit local government property tax collection. Southlake’s City Council must work with other communities to advocate for the concerns of our residents, keeping jurisdiction over these issues at the city level.

·      Development of a plan and time-line to achieve environmental sustainability – Southlake is a leader in so many areas within Texas; great planning, great schools and a standard of excellence in all aspects of community life. Staying on the leading edge by committing to 100 percent sustainability in our schools, our commercial buildings and best practice policies is a goal I share with many Southlake residents. Southlake has made improvements such as water conservation, renewable energy and efficiency upgrades, and in efficient new construction like the DPS North facility. This is all positive progress. However, I am in favor of a more comprehensive and goal oriented plan for our community, applying our communal high standard of excellence to benefit our present and future. 

SS: What is your vision for Southlake’s future?

Newman: Southlake has executed its far-reaching vision with care and thoughtfulness. While progress and expansion as a destination city within North Texas is one of our goals, I believe the heart of Southlake, what makes it such a special and ideal place to live, raise a family, grow, thrive and prosper, is its strong family friendly community feel. The Dragon pride, the standard of excellence for which we strive, our excellent schools, the sense that this is our hometown, is what attracted my family to Southlake all those years ago. As people move to North Texas, I think it should be our goal to maintain that hometown feel as we welcome, with open arms, newcomers to our city. I look forward to assuring we step up to this challenge in all aspects of our future planning.

SS: What makes you the best candidate?

Newman: I am proud and honored to be a candidate for Southlake City Council, Place 6. I offer the residents of Southlake a candidate that made the proactive decision to move to this wonderful community to raise a family and establish roots.

The path to my candidacy is non-traditional, perhaps unconventional. Working in the trenches for so many Southlake organizations with other community members has given me the unique opportunity to listen to, and learn about, their concerns, perspectives, and visions, all sharing the common goal of maintaining exceptionalism in Southlake. I offer a fresh perspective that benefits from those 13 years working hard on the ground, side by side with other Southlake families, sleeves rolled up and boots on the ground. 

I have used my passion, my problem solving skills, my willingness to take the lead when things simply need to get done, my humility to know that in the greater scheme of things no job is too small, and my determination to make sure our community is served well, to ensure that Southlake can achieve the goals we set forth. 

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