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Carroll Grad Launches Company to Help Distressed Trees Flourish

Aug 02, 2017 07:29AM ● By Audrey Sellers

Jorge Gaona wants to see every North Texas tree flourish. So the 2011 Carroll grad and UNT student launched a company, TreeNewal. The tree-care company specializes in helping distressed trees by solving tree issues at the roots.

“We use a root-aeration process with a patented IBA pellet used to promote cell division in root hairs,” said Gaona in a press release. “This helps trees and their root systems by optimizing their ability to intake water and nutrients. TreeNewal works to help trees reclaim their health, rather than removing them.” 

The idea came to Gaona after he worked 15 years for a family landscaping company and developed a passion for sustainable development. “I saw an opportunity to create my own business that would help customers fulfill the need of saving their distressed trees,” he said. “It was also a chance to give back to the world around me.”

Aside from saving North Texas trees, for every tree that TreeNewal treats, a tree is planted through the National Forest Foundation. TreeNewal has donated more than 200 trees to national forests across America.

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