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Dragon Pride Well Represented 2017: Emmy Pratt

Oct 05, 2017 03:30PM ● By Mike

Emmy Pratt, Member of the Crew, "Charlie the Dragon"

I joined the band because: I have mad Dragon Pride™, love the energy of football games, and can't kick high enough to be an Emerald Belle.

Why do you have Dragon Pride? It's more fun than brooding in the corner with a superiority complex.

What is your Pre-game ritual? Put on sunscreen, eye black, and bug spray even though I fully know no bugs congregate near AstroTurf.

In one word Dragon Football is: Dragontastic 

Favorite Classes in school: Choir/Special Topics and Social Studies.

Future Plans: Attend one of those institutions of higher learning and learn Russian.

Can be heard on the sidelines saying: "YAS! COME THROUGH"

Can be seen on the sidelines: Dancing and screaming. 

Favorite Dragon Item you own: The warm carcass of Charlie the Dragon

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