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Dragon Pride Well Represented 2017: Cheer Co-Captains

Oct 05, 2017 03:46PM ● By Mike

Camille Hall and Lindsey O'Neil are Co-Captains of 2017 Dragon Cheer.

Lindsey O’Neil, Varsity Cheerleader, Co-Captain

I joined cheer because: It's the best way to show my school spirit!

Why do you have Dragon Pride? I love being a part of a community and school that values hard work and tradition.

What is your Pre-game ritual? I grab a snack at 7-Eleven with some of my team before we get on our bus.

In one word Dragon Football is: Contagious

Favorite Classes in school: Government and Calculus.

Future Plans: Go to college (still working on the major though!)

Can be heard on the sidelines saying: all of our cheers as loud as I can!

Can be seen on the sidelines: Jumping up and down when the Dragons make a great play!

Favorite Dragon Item you own: My pink Dragon blanket by Ame Beanland. Its the softest thing ever! 

Camille Hall, Varsity Cheerleader, Co-Captain 

I joined cheer because: My friends and coaches encouraged me to try out because of my tumbling skills.

Why do you have Dragon Pride? It is fun to cheer for a school that is so driven and therefore so successful. 

What is your Pre-game ritual? For far away games, I ritualistically fell asleep on the bus as I tried to do homework.

In one word Dragon Football is:HYPE!

Favorite Classes in school: Physics (APGT 8th block last year because everyone was so excited to learn about the Special Theory of Relativity) French (4 AP), Astronomy.

Future Plans: Major in foreign language and use it in a job that makes me travel or in the FBI as a language analyst. 

Can be heard on the sidelines saying: GO DRAGONS! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Can be seen on the sidelines:  Making super weird faces when I mess up a cheer.

Favorite Dragon Item you own: The dragon logo face stickers because it makes me feel official.

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