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Blend, Bottle and Bring it Home

Oct 12, 2017 09:48AM ● By Dia

The next time you visit Grapevine’s historic Main Street district, you could sample a few wines—or you could make a bottle of your very own blend. At Wine Fusion Winery, you won’t find the usual spin- sniff-sample winetasting experience. Here, wine connoisseurs and novices alike can blend their own wine and bring it home in a bottle. It brings a whole new meaning to BYOB.

Wine Fusion is the quintessential wine destination. The full-service winery offers wine tastings, wines by the glass, light bites and tapas. The real sparkle, though, is getting to create something that’s uniquely yours. When you arrive for a wine- blending class, the experience kicks off much like a science lab. The tables are set with beakers, graduated cylinders and measuring tools, and the space is open and bright with plenty of natural light. “We teach in a laid-back style and take a fun approach to wine,” says Nicholas Kaufman, certified sommelier and owner. “We tailor the class specifically to the group we’re teaching. We can go over ‘Wine 101’ things or really get into specifics such as wine- growing regions, climates and soil types.” You might come for the wine, but you’ll get an interesting lesson, too.

Each wine-blending class begins with the all- important tasting. Wine enthusiasts decide whether they want a red or white, sweet or dry wine, and everyone samples four or ve wines. From there, participants get a crash course in wine—from grapes to bottle service in restaurants. “The best part of my job is teaching people,” says Kaufman. “I always tell people the more they learn about wine, the more they’ll enjoy it.”

After the group selects the wine base, out come the beakers to blend the wine and the graduated cylinders to get the perfect percentages. From there, guests bottle and cork their master blend, and even get to name and label their wine. It doesn’t get more artisan than that.

At Wine Fusion Winery, you can expect to spend time learning, tasting and having an all-around great time making your own special blend of wine. Handcrafted wine, a good buzz and fun with friends in the process? Sign us up.


603 S. Main Street, Suite 304 Grapevine