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Oct 20, 2017 10:37AM ● By Ashley Pape

While claw-footed tubs and stand-alone sink vanities have legs to stand on in the bathroom decor world, it’s important to not overlook what they are standing on. A variety of tile trends are sweeping Pinterest and HGTV, and here are a few you may want to sweep yourself.

Perhaps the most fun (and painstaking) part about decorating a bathroom with tile is the multitude of options. From tile colors to shapes to textures, there are plenty of ways to add pizzazz to one of the most essential rooms in the house.


Remember a year ago when every- thing was all white? It appears to have played out, because a new pigment has been added. Black and white is simultaneously classic and modern. Even if it does go out of style, just wait a few years and it will likely be back.

Black and white tile allows you to add some spunk to your bathroom without locking yourself into one particular color scheme.

While it can be executed many ways, a common trend is to add small black tiles into the mix of dominant white oor tiles. Of course, this look isn’t limited to the floor. Black and white tile looks great in the shower or as a backsplash. It’s your call, but make sure to include pops of color to avoid looking like “101 Dalmatians.”


If Starbucks can make a Unicorn Frappuccino, you can have mermaid tile. To be fair, this style is more commonly known as fish-scale tile. These tiles have an irregular, half-oval shape and resemble – you guessed it – fish scales. Often pictured in blue, the tiles offer the perfect backdrop for showers that may inspire you to sing like Ariel. Bonus points if the tile is glossy or shimmers.


Stone, terra cotta, glossy... anything goes. If you have grown tired of the cut-and-dry classics, introduce some texture around your tub.  While rough stone similar to home exteriors would never appeal to your feet, it makes for a cool, natural look as shower “tile.” Plus, what makes for a better Texas bathroom than locally sourced limestone? For those wanting something more traditional, there are plenty of porcelain tiles that have the stone look. In fact, according to tile store owners in Flower Mound, those are some of the biggest sellers for homeowners wanting an updated, yet traditional look that won’t potentially interfere with resale value.