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Southlake Style

Fig Dreams

Dec 06, 2017 03:50PM ● By Dia

If a popular Christmas carol has you thinking of figgy pudding this month (whatever that is), we suggest giving another fig a chance—namely, the Honey and Fig Tartlet at Trio New American Café. “I came up with the Honey and Fig Tartlet because citrus is at its best in cooler months,” says pastry chef Dulce Langston. The dessert provides a flavorful twist on the restaurant’s classic lemon custard as it is sweetened with locally sourced honey instead of sugar. “This elevates the entire dessert to a new level,” she says. Once the custard is baked in a tart shell, the top is coated in a thin layer of sugar and then brûléed with a torch, similar to the method used for creme brûlée. For the finishing touch, the tartlet is garnished with fresh figs, rosemary sprigs, whipped mascarpone cream for a little tang and candied pecans that have been boiled in simple syrup, flash fried and seasoned with salt. “The candied pecans are the real showstopper,” Langston says. The figs, she adds, are perfect just as they are. In this festive time of year, we cheerfully agree! 

Trio New American Cafe

8300 Precinct Line Road, Suite 104, Colleyville