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Dec 07, 2017 09:27AM ● By Ashley Madonna
Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we now collectively brace ourselves for the next half of the holiday season. December’s holidays tend to be the heavy-weight champions of entertaining. And while Thanksgiving seems to center on feasting, Christmas and its fellow winter holidays seem to focus more on family time – or so Hallmark leads us to believe. Regardless, thanks to schools granting extended winter breaks to students, December marks a time of travel for many. Those that aren’t traveling are often on the receiving end, welcoming family and friends into their home for more than an overnight stay. People in the latter circumstance hospitably throw fresh linens on the guest bed and dust a room that remains largely overlooked for the remainder of the year. Yes, it’s time to update those guest bedrooms, and here is where to start


Even more so than other bedrooms in the house, the guest bedroom is largely used for sleeping. While you kids may use their rooms to play and hangout, guest bedrooms are rarely used for anything other than getting some shut-eye. This makes the bed the most important part of the room. That probably comes as no surprise. And yet, how many times have you been a guest and slept on a lumpy, old mattress? We’re not saying your guest bedroom needs a California king Tempur-Pedic. Just make sure guests don’t leave with cricks in their backs, wishing they had brought an air mattress.

Secondly, make sure the room is comfortable in the sense that it actually feels like home. Skimping on wall décor is noticeable, and can have guests feeling like you stuck them in a storage room. Add a vanity so guests can do their makeup when others are in the bathroom. Put a few succulents or flowers in there to prove that life can and does exist in the spare room. Ask yourself, “Is this somewhere I would like to spend time?” If the answer is “yes,” mission accomplished.


If you find that your guest bedroom is rarely slept in, use the vacancy as an opportunity. Here is a space that is normally neither seen nor heard, so feel free to get loud – with colors and patterns, that is. Think of all of those boundaries you wanted to push with master bedroom décor. Your spouse may have talked you down, but the guest bedroom is fair game. And that’s perfect, because funky wallpaper is back in! If you want to keep the walls tame and neutral (understandable), play up the bedding. Tasteful pops of color will transform a guest bedroom from a sterile, Best Western look-alike to a chic space that will leave a lasting impression of friends and family. We would advise you to choose only one of the two options at a time. Loud walls and bold bedding could give your guests a headache.