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Southlake Style

Countdown of 2017's Hottest Local Drinks

Dec 18, 2017 11:49AM ● By Ashley Madonna
We sipped on some pretty great cocktails this year. From espresso martinis to spicy margaritas, there was no limit of tasty concoctions to try out in 2017. Looking for a place to grab a cocktail over the holiday season or ring in the new year? Here are this year’s “Drink This” recommendations.

 Espresso Martini | Bonefish Grill 

For a sweet drink that comes with a kick of caffeine, stop by Bonefish Grill to try out their Espresso Martini. With fresh-brewed espresso and vanilla vodka, the cocktail has a creamy, indulgent flavor in every sip. It’s a great way to perk up your evening.

Pepper Smash | Malai Kitchen

Spice up your night by trying out a fiery cocktail. Malai Kitchen is bringing the heat with the Pepper Smash. With its chili-infused gin, red bell pepper, Thai chili and cracked pepper, it is sure to wake up your palate.

Barrel-Aged Basil Hayden Manhattan | Taverna Rossa

For a twist on a classic, make your way over to Taverna Rossa to try out the Barrel-Aged Basil Hayden Manhattan. They mix perfectly aged bourbon with vermouth and bitters to create a one-of-a-kind drink.

Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet | Del Frisco’s Grille

Get a crisp, sweet cocktail like the Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet at Del Frisco’s Grille to brighten up your winter day. With its sweet blueberry puree, fresh lime juice, and diced cucumber, you will feel relaxed after sipping on this gin-based beverage.

Cloud 9 | Mi Dia from Scratch

Toast to the new year with this fun tequila drink. The Cloud 9 stands out from the rest  of the restaurant’s margaritas with its fun use of molecular gastronomy to create hibiscus air. Plus, it comes in a martini glass, so it really makes a statement on the bar. 

Mojito | The Cheesecake Factory

For a fresh classic that’s easy to drink all night long, try out the refreshing Mojito from The Cheesecake Factory. Their twist on the classic makes you feel like you’ve found an island oasis thanks to its citrus rum. Ask for coconut flakes around to round out the tropical feel.

Smoked Maple Old Fashioned | Wildwood Grill

Wildwood Grill brought the fire with their Smoked Maple Old Fashioned. Their bartenders swirl around embers to give each drink a smoky aroma. Order this drink tableside to get a side of showmanship with your cocktail.

Woo Woo | Copeland’s of New Orleans

Try out Copeland’s of New Orleans specialty cocktail, the Woo Woo to get a taste of summer. It’s peach vodka, schnapps and white cranberry juice will put a smile on your face. Plus, with a name like that, how can you not order it?

Sangria Rosa | Brio Tuscan Grille

Wind down from your winter celebrating with a nice glass of Brio Tuscan Grille’s Sangria Rosa. It’s sweet berry flavors give you a light, fruity taste for the finer things in life. Snacking on the strawberry and pineapple garnish isn’t a bad idea either. 

La Isabel | Thailicious

Change up your cranberry-and-vodka order by trying out La Isabel at Thailicious. It’s tangy and juicy flavors, with just a touch of bubbly goodness, makes for a festive choice for your next night out.