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What Is a Bunion and How Is it Treated

Dec 18, 2017 01:40PM ● By Dia

 A bunion is a rotational deviation deformity of the big toe.  It was once thought certain shoes (such as high heels) caused bunions, but that theory has since been ruled out.  Heredity may influence the development of bunions. 

There is no possibility of reversal of the deformity if left untreated.  Common complaints are pain, unsightly appearance and inability to wear shoes or walk without pain.  General principles of treatment reduce symptoms in order to allow the patient to return to their normal activities and shoes.

The management of bunions has been non-surgical and surgical.  Non-surgical care is accommodative or palliative with the objective of relieving symptoms.  For example, wider shoes, corticosteroid injections, anti-inflammatory and custom arch supports.

If unsuccessful, surgical correction may be necessary.  The object of surgical correction is to relieve symptoms, restore function and correct the deformity.  It is performed in outpatient surgery, allowing the patient to go home that day. 

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