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New Classic Cleanse

Jan 11, 2018 10:18AM ● By Ashley Madonna

Start the new year off with your health in mind by trying Nekter’s new cleanse. Their six-drink lineup will help you ward off all those sugar cravings that came out during the holidays and will lead to healthier eating habits. Whether you want to start small with the one-day pack or jump into the deep end with the five-day cleanse, their easy numbered system makes the whole process a breeze. Plus, their new cleanse includes ashwagandha, a super herb known for its restorative benefits. Grab your pack of delicious juices and drinks today and get ready to improve your health. 


Choose your cleanse length -- one-day, two-day, three-day or five-day -- and pick up yours at the store or have it delivered to your home. After you receive these cold-pressed juices, make sure to keep them refrigerated as soon as possible. Then just follow the numbers and enjoy their tasty flavors.

Nice touch: 

Select one of their yummy add-on beverages before checking out. You can either get the protein-packed Strawberry Pitaya Protein if you need a post-workout recovery drink or get a deeper cleanse with the Berry Detox Lemonade.

Nekter Juice Bar

410 W Southlake Blvd