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Southlake Style

Simple, Stately or Something In-between?

Feb 01, 2018 02:08PM ● By Maleesa Johnson

Bedrooms have long served as the ultimate space for self-expression. These areas are often invite-only, so the average houseguest won’t be peering in and judging your decor. This is especially true for master bedrooms. This is your chance to once and for all forget about what other people think. If this is a shared space, think of decorating as an opportunity to blend your partner’s taste with your own. Or don’t. It’s up to both of you. Isn’t compromise fun? We know it can be tough to find your own style, so we have provided you with two opposite trends we think you’ll love.


Minimalism has been in for a while now, but it seems to have a delayed effect on the master bedroom. For a while, the big thing was to have a miniature sitting room in your bedroom. If you went for that trend – many of us did – we have to ask: Did you ever use the chairs for more than a new place for laundry? If so, keep it! We love the idea of having a place to escape and curl up with coffee and a book. A place where the kids aren’t buzzing around.

But, if you haven’t been getting much use out of an elaborately decorated master bedroom, strip it down. Simple nightstands and an iron bed frame can still go a long way. Add a few shelves and a rug for pops of color, but don’t feel obligated to decorate from floor to ceiling. Wall art can consist of one statement piece and a few sconces. Liven it up with some succulents – the ultimate minimalist’s plant – and call it a day. It may sound cliché, but in some cases, less really is more.


This directly contradicts the previous suggestion, but that’s the exciting part of finding your style. Are you a traditionalist at heart? If so, four-poster beds are the way to go. For centuries, four-poster beds have been a symbol of wealth, appearing in Renaissance paintings and museum exhibits displaying the lives of royalty. However, those bed frames have evolved over the years, and like many old-fashioned furniture pieces, can take on whatever style you want. In fact, there are even four-poster beds out there that can still properly reflect minimalism. But if you want a bed fit for royalty, we recommend going big with a wood frame, canopy, curtains and more.